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Florian Thauvin - 89 - Player Moments SBC
Florian Thauvin
By FalcaoIsGoat, 22-03-2020

I have a lot of untradeable Ligue 1 players, but I lacked a good right winger, Kalu isn't bad, but he's probably not good enough to start. This looked like a good and fairly cheap option. 86 rated squad with an IF isn't terrible, but i'd rather something like a double 84 rated squad with packs back. Because of the icon sbc, it was also more expensive then it'd normally be. For chemistry, I played a 4-3-3 with the following squad: GK, on 8 chem, TOTT Ter Stegen, LCB, Lisandro Lopez 88, RCB, Alessandro Nesta 88, LB, Nico Tagliafico 87, RB, Youcef Atal 84, LCM, Marcos Acuna 87, CM, Enzo Perez 88, RCM, Houssem Aouar 87, LW, Moments Di Maria, ST, 87 Scocco, and Thauvin RW. I used engine chemistry style. I tried him in 3 different positions in 3 different formations. I tried him at CAM in a 4-1-2-1-2(2), RAM in a 4-2-3-1, and RW in a 4-3-3(2). I played 5 games with him in each position total. My least favorite spot to play him at RW, he is fast and a good dribbler, but he just doesnt have the blistering pace or 5* skills to counter pace, so he was a little ineffective there, in those 5 games, he scored 3 and assisted 2. Next, I tried him at the RAM role and he was getting better, he could cut in and shoot quickly, and he got more central so he was much more envolved in the play. He scored 4 and assisted 4 in those 5 games. Lastly, I played him at a CAM and he was amazing. His passing is wonderful, and he is more than quick enough for a CAM, I also think playing a narrow formation helped him, it is more of a quick, give & go type of play that suits him best, he was envolved in 12 goals in the 5 games at the CAM formation( 7 goals and 5 assists), which is a good return for >200k CAM/RW. He has 90 stamina, so he can play the full match. Overall a fun, affordable, and good card that is definately worth it if you run a Ligue 1/ French squad. All games played in Div 4 Rivals.

  1. Pace, Not the fastest player on the pitch, but still nice pace for a #10.
  2. Passing, He is a very good passer, and he racked up 11 assists in 15 matches which is great, especially since I was trying to give him goals.
  3. Shooting, He is a good all-round shooter with 93 SP, and 90 finishing and long shots.
  4. Influence, At the #10 position, he is very envolved in the play, kind of like 86 Jesus Corona for me, and he manages to create a lot of chances for himself, or a teamate.
  5. Stamina, 90 stamina is very good, and he can play the full match.
  6. Dribbling, 4* skills and great agility and good ball control / dribbling.
  7. Versatility, Good at RW, RAM, CAM, and looks like a good ST with marksman, but I havn't tried him there yet.
  8. Links, Good French links as well as a lot of strong links in Ligue 1.
  1. Balance / Strength, Similar to Hinestroza in this area, when they're both between 85 and 70ish you can feel it, especially since he's fairly tall for a winger.
  2. Defending, Not a defensive player.
  3. Weak Foot, Probably my biggest issue with this card, 2* weak foot is fine because they will just outside of the foot it if its on their weak foot, but Thauvin still tries to use it because he has 3* and he doesn't have outside of the foot shot trait.
  4. Price, This is definately an SBC you want to use untradeable cards for because high rated card prices are out of the roof rn because of the icon SBC.
Formation: 41212-2
Position: CAM
Games: 15
GPG: 0.93
APG: 0.73
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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This guy is a beast! Played with him for 15 games now after I did his SBC in order to improve from Ousmane Dembele. Although he has a 3* weak foot; he is amazing as a RM (442 ingame) as he can cut inside and finesse on his left(strong) foot (as he has the finesse shot trait). His near-perfect acceleration stats allow him to be played on an engine which massively improves his dribbling and passing stats as well as maxing out...
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Strong Player

At the beginning I would like to point out that I made this player for 15k because I had many cards in the club. Florian is a very agile player which allows him to perfectly fulfill the role of a wing.He has very good shots which is confirmed by his statistics. If you have cards in the club and you know how to combine it, do it quickly before time r...
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Thauvin = Messi

I did this sbc for 90k because I needed a better sub.First 5 games were awful for him because I used him as a winger and then I decided to try him as a CAM(he can work great with a deadeye aswell), this guy started playing very well, his positioning was very good and every shot would go in, his 90 stamina is excellent for a super-sub and can last in extra time aswell(in wl). Recommend doing this card for a low...
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