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86 - FUT Birthday
The Poor man's Ronaldo
By rfranklinz, 28-03-2020

Cristiano Ronaldo is the gold standard for Serie A strikers, but he's also prohibitively expensive for most players. Coming in at just under 600k as of writing, most players will never get the chance to use him... until now. Joaquin Correa is, in fact, the poor man's CR7. For just 96k, a sixth the cost of Ronaldo, Correa offers a near identical toolset to the Portuguese legend.

PACE AND SHOOTING: Packing great on-card pace, I figured he doesn't need any additional boost. This assumption was correct, as he feels rapid in-game. 92 sprint speed is plenty for breaking away into space, and the 87 acceleration does not hold him back whatsoever. The shooting boost from a marksman is perfect for Correa, as it patches both his below-meta stats right up; his finishing goes to a clinical 97, while the sub-par longshot of 80 gets to a solid 90. His only bad shooting stat is actually penalties, which you can just have anyone else take. At the very least, he isn't Penaldo. A 4 star weak foot makes lefty shots acceptable. He also packs the finesse shot trait, which feels fantastic with his 89 curve. Consistently curls his finesse shots and seems to keep a lot of them lower, which is a plus.

DRIBBLING: Absolutely fan-tas-tic. I'm by no means a tekker god, but I'm proficient enough with a skiller to pull off some moves in the right scenarios. You can definitely feel the stats when dribbling in any style with Correa, whether that's pulling skill moves, holdup dribbling, close-control, or just speeding around. His dribbling and ball control are both 99 on a marksman and it feels that way. Balance at 74 feels good for his height. If I were playing him as a CAM I might consider using an engine just to make that even smoother, but as a striker, he wiggles with the best of them. 80 Composure seemed mediocre at face-value, but I have yet to feel like it's let me down.

PASSING: Feels great for a striker. His passing stats are good enough to play as a CAM so it figures they'd be good up top too. He has the flair trait which means reverse ball rolls and flicks are in his arsenal, a very underrated asset for a striker.

PHYSICAL: This is the one area that's up and down. He is NOT an aerial threat like CR7. I know fut20 isn't exactly a headers paradise, but he only scored one header in the games played, and that isn't for a lack of trying. He is good at holdup play, however. His stamina was sufficient to last the full 90 in each game, while playing on press on heavy touch. I don't think he would last if I played constant pressure, though.

DEFENDING: Not his job, nor would I recommend using him as a defender. He has long legs and is fast, so basic pressuring is fine.

Thunderbolt of a right peg with a decent left

Finesse shot trait

5 star skiller in the middle

quality passing with flair trait

you can put the 7 shirt on him and do the TSU

No aerial threat

Lazio links aren't great for hybrids

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 25
GPG: 2.24
APG: 1.24
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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