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Aaron Ramsey - 90 - Player Moments SBC
Insane with shadow
By EvoshrikeCOYSFC, 01-04-2020

Put a shadow on him he is absoloutely insane - 91 accel 90 sp peed he breezes past defenders and when he gets in the box and shoots u know about it. 5* wf so he can shoot with either foot andhis passing and dribbling are good too. His defending needs a chem style boost but shadow fixes that right up. Stamina great and he needs it he will be all over the park. Only comment is his 72 strength - he is liable to get bullied off the ball by sissoko etc.

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Dribbling
  • General box-to-box play
  • Tackling (put a chem style with a defending boost)
  • Strength (Anchor doesn't really fix this - you just have to live with it)
Formation: 4231-2
Position: CM
Games: 4
GPG: 0.25
APG: 0.75
Pace (6/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Okay, in the beginning im sorry 4 my bad english. i completed this guy put of my club. so 0 coins spent. the sbc came out today and i have played a couple of games with him. playing him with lisandro martinez ffs in cdm posittion was my best decision i ever made. as introduction i have feel free for attacking or idk what its real name is. his workrates says it all. he is everywhere stealing balls, passing and even storing s...
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The Ripper

Well here we go, my first review. Got to say that when Ramsey's SBC went out I immediately went crazy about doing it even thought I knew there were many better options in terms of tradeable cards but Ramsey is just one of my favorite players in football and FIFA, so I gave it a shot and I don't regret at all.First, I used this guy for around 12 games yesterday on FUT Champs, as my center CAM in a 4-2-3-1 and he is ju...
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Ramsey is a real beast. Amazing Box to Box player. I swapped Aouar 87 for him on my CM with a shadow chem. style on a 4231 narrow him being the second pivot in front of the back line. Amazing player and once you put a shadow chem. he joins the exclusive "Gullit Gang" with 80+ on all atributes. Highly recommend him and hes def. a game changer.
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