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91 - TOTW Moments
Immobile or Belotti?
By marheg18, 16-04-2020

Got him in my WL-reward and began using him immediately. Extremely similar to Belotti, but I think he is more eager for goals. Belotti is more immobile than Immobile himself. (At least the way I see it.) Right now he is 144 000, which I think is cheap. I totally recommend buying him if you don't already have Belotti. My first match (Rivals) he scored 3 goals and credited one assist. He didn't get any worse as in my first 10 matches with him, he continued this streak. As he is this cheap I really recommend buying him. Today he is one of the best strikers I've used in FIFA 20. Beaten by Ronaldo 93, Mbappe 89, Osimhen 88 and Aguero 92. Which strikers I like is as you know very individual, but if you are not like these meta-players yoyers I think you will really love using Immobile.

His shots is incredible. He always seeks those perfect rooms, and he never misses. Never. One thing I noticed was his long shots. Sometimes I pass him, turn around and shot, even though he is marked. These shots are absolutely amazing with this card. No, he doesn't have 5 star WF, but he does feel good on his leftie too! He hasn't scored many headers for me yet, but as the stats tell he is not bad at all.

3 stars, 4 stars is of course a con. As for me who's not a skiller I really can't say I don't notice but he does feel more clunky than most. His acceleration might be his biggest con where I experience shitty defenders tackle him when he is through on goal. That might be more of a FIFA-problem because today there is only fucking Mbappe who can run in this game. His balance is of course shitty, but I used Enginge, which really helped. He now feels more agile, even though he is no Messi.

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 10
GPG: 2.60
APG: 1.10
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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I've come to a point this FIFA where I just find no joy in playing WL competitively anymore, so I sold most of my tradable players to try out different TOTS cards. The first one I picked up was this Immobile, who at first glance, looks like a faster version of HL Lewandowski. This review is based on using him with an Engine chem style because it's basically the only chem style that should be used on him.
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I got Immobile in an untradeable pack so I have no skin in the game to talk up his price. All I can say is, he's the best striker I've used in Fifa20. For a direct comparison with a similarly built striker - I had 96 Lewandowski for a while and Immobile is on another level. I've only played 5 games with him so far but he's scored three in each of them. The reason for sticking this review in so quickly is t...
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Found this guy and wanted to sell immediately, I then tried him for a few matches and I sold my whole squad to build a team around him. Fantastic partnership with a pacey striker (Promes in my case), he can be every kind of striker depending on which chem style you put on him. His main pro is shooting, one of the best I tried this year (can compare with Kane and Cavani). Also very good physical and heading stats: he scores ...
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