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Aleksandar Mitrovic - 92 - TOTS
Mitro's ON FIRE - every game
By deancetnik, 28-04-2020

So I got Mitro for 80k on PS and hes INSANE

I used him as a lone ST in a 4231. Hes great at shielding the ball and also his passing is very good.

He feels very agile and scores from everywhere in- and outside the box.

Mitar scored every WL-game, despite being on 8chem and made some great assists.

  • Lethal shot
  • His positioning is class - hes always there where I need him
  • He BULLIES most defenders with his 99 strength and agression
  • TOP ball control and passing
  • OP inside the box, rarely misses (96 composure)
  • scored only 1 header so far
  • "only" 4* weak foot
Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 36
GPG: 1.92
APG: 0.75
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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