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Felipe Anderson - 92 - TOTS
What you see is (nearly) what you get
By Futips, 04-05-2020

For context, I've pulled this card out of the guaranteed Community TOTSSF, which on paper was the one of the best pulls possible. Still, I haven't spent any significant amount of coins on this player so I won't go into the value debate here. I'll just stick to the field.

I've heard left and right that the player was "broken" or not performing according to what the card says. This is, if not false, a huge overstatement. Felipe Anderson is very quick, his dribbling is extremely precise and he makes very frequent touches on the ball which makes him very hard to defend. Also his passing felt just right and most of his shots were amazingly well curved and placed. Maybe with a 92 TOTS card people expect the ball to land in the net at every single shot but I've already used Messi this year and even him doesn't net all of his shots.

The only real downsides I have witnessed are the weak foot that didn't always feel like a solid 4 and the strength that I'm used to on the other wing from Bergwijn. All in all though, Felipe Anderson is a very very good card that translates well into the game. If the community doesn't like him, it could be an opportunity to try him out at discount and see for yourself.

Dribbling : the close control is incredible, Felipe Anderson makes a LOT of touches on the ball even at full speed. Even if he misses a skill move you are very likely to keep possession.

Pace : He gets in behind, straight to the goal, nothing to worry about

Shooting : great curve balls, very smooth. Normal shots also good but I expected to score a bit more at the front post, with power when coming from an angle.

Strength : Don't imagine winning the shoulder vs shoulder but plan on not losing the ball from the contact

Weak foot : it's not a 5 and sometimes it shows.

Formation: 433
Position: LW
Games: 30
GPG: 0.53
APG: 0.50
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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I bought him as I was looking at his price and found a snipe. Thank god that I did. He was so good I have used him for a couple of fut champs games and his shooting, Amazing, Passing, Amazing, Pace amazing Dribbling Amazing Physical meh. He has been absolutely insane for me his only problem was his pysical but. that not too important.
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First things first: if you're hesitating about buying him because people are bashing on his card, I say go ahead and buy him because he performs like he should. With that out of the way, the position, league and nation combination alone gives him bonus points. Frankly the selection of LMs, apart from 3-4 players, in the PL is poor. The selection of solid, solid meta players that is. And you can't get more meta than Anderso...
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I packed this guy from a 100k pack on the first day of tots, and put him straight in my team. I switch him in-game to CAM (with a deadeye) and he is absolutely fantastic. His dribbling and passing are exceptional and he can finish anything. Would definitely recommend.
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