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87 -
The King Has Entered
By abda0174, 09-05-2020

this is my second review so dont go hard on me.

I was sitting in my chair waiting for the new season battle pass. whilst i was trying to find a way to link my Opara.

ten minuts later.

i was now scrolling thru the battle pass and wasnt impressed until this sexy card glansed my eyes, i was so happy to finally find a good link to Opara. i Jizzed when i took a look at his stats.

He had five star week foot


i was kinda considering hagi but when i saw that he only had 3* SM i looked the other way. And the RM is just trash.

Back to the review.

I ended up putting him on the bench as a super sup because i was using other players like Romarinho and Icons. i ended up playing Opara on 7 chem, STILL A BEAST.

Ok Lets get Serious:

The first game i was behind 1-0, then on half time i put him in instead of Nedved and put him on striker, the first 10 minuts i used was kinda weird, cuz i had to get used to play with him (Not Sexual) The first he did was dribble past prime Maldini and Baby Rio, and scored a Wonder Goal. Then he scored to goals more witch made the score 1-3 to me

The guy ended up scoring to goals in 88th and 90th minuts and scored again in 120th, i lost it i almost destroyed my PS4. after a few hours i decided to play to games more, and he was SOOOO GOOD.

His pacing is Amazing and feels like Orsic. he just ran past defenders like its nothing, but he got outpaced then i would just use his strenght.

His Passing is good, i didnt notice that very much of a difference from other players. and u shouldnt realy be passing a lot with a Attacker.

Now here we come to the shooting. THis guy saved me in the weeknd league, after i lost the previous math, made me take a break cuz i was fuming. I was behind, and in thr 60th minut i subed him on, and he was a GAME CHANGER. I only had 3 shots with him that game, and they all went in. The guy i played against ended up Rage quiting, and texted me hate message witch i repiled with how many goals i scored and he never replied.

His Strength, is so good, he just bullies the defenderes and doesnt give a fuck, His big Black coc- i should stop.

His dribbling is good, he doesnt feel clunky nor to fast, he is perfect, but there is something i would change , witch is his Balance. u dont realy feel it. so its not a problem

  • That was it. that was my review. Btw if this wasnt very well written is because i am watching The Office whilst do this.

4* SM

5* WF








Opara Link


Nothing else

Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 3
GPG: 2.00
APG: 0.67
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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