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90 - CL
The ultimate CB
By cgutierrez2106, 11-05-2020

To begin with this is my first review so don't hate, I got this card in a daily challenge pack and since then I am totally in love with it, he have saved e innumerable times in 1v1 and putting his head where other would not put their feet. If you put a shadow on him he will feel a lot faster than what he actually is even been able to outrun james,adama, 87 rated lozano and other pace abusers cards. His physicality is also extraordinary been able to win every duel and keep the ball. I think he is the best cb in the game and if you can afford him or are lucky enough to pack him use him no matter what, also to mention he have saved me with so many last minute goals in fut champions and have registered 7 goals and 8 assists in my club

  • Physicality
  • Pace(With shadow)
  • Defendiste stats (Obviously)
  • Heading acc
  • Passing(Not remarkable but overall is ok)
  • Easy to link
  • Stamina
  • Price
  • Cant play as a keeper
Formation: 41212
Position: CB
Games: 452
GPG: 0.02
APG: 0.02
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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