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Marco Reus - 95 - TOTS
The Midfield Maestro Marco Reus
By BCHIGS, 18-05-2020

Okay guys so I've finally decided that Ive used a player worth me breaking my silence and writing a review about. todays review is going to be dedicated to The Midfield Maestro that is Marco Reus!

A little background on my relationship with Marco. So I've been playing FUT since FIFA 12 and been a big fan of Marco in game since Fifa 13 (2012) and a huge fan of him continuously in game and IRL since FIFA 14 (2013). He's been consistently good over the years in every FUT and always been an influence for me to have a Bundesliga hybrid squad by always providing new special cards to try out such as TOTW, TOTS and FUTTIES. Well I am happy to say that this year during TOTSSF EA have blessed my guy with is most special card to date.

This card is an absolute unit so in 29 games for me (20 WL) (9 Rivals DEV 5) all at CAM in a 4231 formation he has scored 40 goals and made 14 assists equaling 55 goal contributions in less than 30 games... I feel like those stats speak for them selves but I'll expand a lil more..

So I play my Reus with a hawk to boost his pace shooting and physicality. With this chemos style his explosiveness is too much for even the likes of TOTSSF Varane and Virgil to handle, I came up against them a lot in WL. his finishing is flawless.. because he has the finesse trait, outside of the boot trait and 4* WF he is an absolute bagsman because he can score with both feet from the left, right or down the middle honestly 9 out of 10 shots I took with this guy went in. by boosting his physicality he also has a nice upgrade to strength and aggression. strength going up to 87 combined with 89 balance makes him very difficult to beat in a side by side contest even though the CB's battling him are often much bigger and stronger..

Right I feel like that's enough waffle lets get into the Pros and cons.

  • PACE I feel like him having 99 99 with a hawk chemstyle translates he genuinely feels that fast and will get to any ball you play to him or beat you opponent to a lose ball.

  • SHOOTING He's an ABSOLUTE BAGSMAN the guy doesn't miss from near, far or at an awkward angle. Having that attacking presence / threat from midfield definitely helps A LOT!

  • PASSING Some amazing amazing amazing needle threaded through balls, crosses and first touch passes have been completed with this guy and he defiantly helps me control the pace of the game and move the ball around.

  • DRIBBLING The guy is agile and nippy his lowest dribbling in game stat is 89 balance and ill just let the numbers speak for themselves..

  • STAMINA 93 Stamina is something that you will most defiantly feel on this card I you have used this bace card that couldn't survive past the 70th minute now he can easily last 90 minutes

  • PRICE Now this is weird one because this card is not cheap however, this card is definitely cheap for what it can do it definitely is, I would call this card the poor mans Prime / Prime Icon Moments Cruyff without any hesitation he is honestly that much of an attacking threat and also all round midfielder when you need him to be and the fact that you can get that for under 1 million coins to me is a joke.

I genuinely don't have any con's for this card but to be balanced and fair I have to say at least one

  • PRICE I am putting price in both his pro's and cons because 1mill for 1 player is still a lot of money and he may be unobtainable for a lot of players however he definitely is good enough to be used around weaker players for example in my squad this weekend league I played TOTSSF Moments Mariano and let Reus carry the attack from midfield so I would say if you can get him and still have a good enough squad then defiantly do it!
Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 29
GPG: 1.38
APG: 0.48
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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