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89 - TOTS
One of the best strikers U-50k
By FCCactus, 27-05-2020

So I was looking for the perfect striker under 50k for my squad and came across this guy. and WHAT A STEAL!

I had him on stay central and run in behind alongside Havertz, who was a false 9 in my 4-4-2. In the 10 games I played with him in div 6 rivals, he scored 13 and assisted 10 , a near prefect start, BUT he isn't flawless.

Problem #1: his agility. Even with the +10 with the sniper chem style he does feel somewhat slow on the turns and first touches. His balance is also very disappointing and gets bodied off some times, but his strength and aggression makes up for it.

Problem #2: his pace. although he does have more than enough speed wise, his aggression makes him unable to explode past defenders some times.

Overall, he is a very good striker for anyone who uses him, and an excellent one for someone who can't afford any other player.

Shooting: power it through

physicality: can body off Van Dijk, so...

Dribbling: only OK

Agility: he does feel like a tank sometimes

Balance: not really an issue but could've been better

Acceleration: not great for speeding through

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 10
GPG: 1.30
APG: 1.00
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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