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Raúl. The undervalued striker.
By JAMIEVARDYSMO9, 07-06-2020

Well, here I go.

Raúl González Blanco is my idol, as I am a Real Madrid fan. He was my favourite player since i was a kid. I remember how i was crying at home when i saw in the news que was going out of Real Madrid to Schalke. In Madrid he won absolutely everything, he was a f***** beast of striker.

It is shameful how Real Madrid treated Raúl. They did not even make a "goodbye" for him, just a press conference like for Iker Casillas. Very unfair, both vere two of the most important players of the club.

But then, he made history in Schalke. 19 goals in his first season, then he won the German Cup (the only trophy he did not win in Spain), he reached UCL semifinals winning the tie against Valencia and Inter (2-5 in Italy, what a match...). He was so loved in Germany, he was a legend for the fans. Incredible.

This moments prime should be for what he did in Germany instead for the 2002 UCL Final against Bayer Leverkusen.

After this, he went to Al Saad and to he MLS before retiring.

Here I finish the history of this player. Now, lets continue with the review.

So Raúl was my idol and in Fifa i usually buy the icons I like in the real life, not the best in game cards. I only want to play with my idols, and this happen to Raúl. I save a lot of coins and i finally bought Raúl baby, then the medium, the prime icon and finally his moments card. I was so happy when i bought him...

His cards are quite similar but of course improving from the baby one to the moments card. But i am going to talk about the moments card.

PACE: 97 with hunter, very fast in game.

PASSING: i hate this stat. Raúl had a very good passing in the real life but in game sometimes is not accurate, and his long passing is not good. That is the reason i only played raúl as a ST and not as a CF or CAM. His vision is very high but in game is not as good as you expect. If you want to put Raúl in the CM (CF or CAM), maybe with engine he is much better but i have not tested this.

SHOOTING: absolute BEAST. His left foot is magic, his long shoots are just from another world. His shot power is just unstoppable and i scored too much goals of voleys with him... Really, he is incredible. But his right foot is not as good as his left foot, and this is a fucking big error of Ea Sports because in the real life Raúl was just incredible with the two feet... But well, you will score a lot of goals with his right foot. So to sum up, his shooting is amazing and is one of the best players in the game (in this stat), you just need to shoot with his left foot if you want to score. Easy.

DRIBBLING: he looks so agile in game... and his 4 star skills are just enough to enjoy this card. Great composture, great balance... perfect dribbling. No cons. I cannot say to much here because this stat is incredibly perfect, but his agility in game is awesome.

DEFENDING AND PHYSICALITY: he is an absolutely HEADER MAESTRO. He score to much goals in corners or in high crosses. BEAST. He maybe needs a bit more of strenght but he will fight always fight for the ball. He is always in the right position, he always offers passing alternatives to the rest of the players going back to receive the ball... he is just like in every part in the pitch,

When he loses the ball he always make a great pression against the defenders, he is the perfect striker. Good stamina so you can play with him all the match.

So i bought this card without reading any review, i just loved this player and i just bought his card. I have enjoyed him in the game as much as in the real life. Maybe he is not the best striker in the game, but i do not mind. He was one of the best strikers in the world, he is actually the third goallie in European Competitions with 71 goals (just under Cristiano and Messi), so you can imagine the beast he was, and that was the important thing. Enjoying him in real football and having enjoyed him here.

Thank you Raúl for everything. See you in Fifa 21.

  1. Left foot shooting.
  2. Agility, composture, balance..
  3. Very good pace.
  4. Positioning in game, always helping his mates.
  5. Headers = goals.
  6. Ball control (just amazing).

  1. He needs a bit more of strength.
  2. For stars weak foot looks in game a bit lower. I hope Ea willl put him 5 stars in next Fifa... because this is a very unfair stat.
  3. His passing (without engine) is not as good as in the real life, is not bad at all but not as good as i expected.
Formation: 451
Position: ST
Games: 439
GPG: 0.90
APG: 0.68
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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