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93 - Summer Heat SBC
By portero23, 27-06-2020

This is my first review ever so please don't judge me! Roberto Firmino fits my team perfectly, so when I saw he was in a vote I knew that if he won I had to get him. He did, so I picked him up right as the sbc was released. I saw many people calling him overpriced, and noticed many people seeming disappointed in his stats. I think people were disappointed because they wanted good defending stats based off of his scream to use him as a cdm, but that's not what they got. However, I needed a striker, so I couldn't care less about his defending. Ok, now I'm going to break down his stats and how I (an elite 3 player) feel about him in game. Also, I've played 28 games with him, use an engine, and play him at striker in a 4231 with only instructions being stay forward on defense.

Pace (9/10): Obviously, he's no Mbappe, Mane, Adama, etc. in terms of pace, HOWEVER with an engine I'd actually even consider him to be fast, so not even close to it being a liability. He can run by defenders when he needs to, and is not going to be easy to catch up to.

Shooting (10/10): The. Man. Does. Not. Miss. Obviously, 5* WF is huge. The man is so unpredictable in the box, he creates his own shots and finishes them with ease. With an engine, shooting obviously isn't boosted, and that has not been an issue at all through almost 30 games. Also, one more thing I'd add to this is that HIS FINESSE SHOTS ARE INSANE. A bad habit of mine is that I shoot waaaay more finesse shots than I should. Because of this, I'm usually very picky about having the finesse trait, and prefer it for my attackers usually. However, he has the best finesse shots for a card without the trait that I've ever used. His shooting truly is amazing. In 28 games, he has scored 28, which is really good for me considering I score with all of my attackers evenly, so usually none of them are even close to averaging a goal a game.

Passing (10/10): Bobby has great passing. In 28 games, he has 16 assists, which I say is good for a striker. His passing is definitely good enough to play him at cam, and with 5* WF it's definitely great. Honestly, most tots and newer cards have great passing, there's not much difference between any of them.

Dribbling (9/10): 5* SM makes dribbling very fun. His body type and slightly below average agility and balance could make him not the most agile dribbler in the game, but with engine, it is not something to worry about at all. Definitely don't let his dribbling stray you away from this card, it is not a problem at all. Also something that I love about his dribbling is his ability to retain the ball through a tackle. I'm not sure if it's due to his balance, good physical, or whatever, but I'll put that trait in this section because it makes his dribbling seem even better.


Defending (9/10): The only reason this isn't 10/10 is because a lot of you wanted to play him at cdm, but unfortunately as you already know he does not have the facilities for that. However, for a striker, his defending is brilliant, in the sense that he literally will just win the ball back if he ever loses it. I've actually scored multiple goals so far this WL off of Bobby taking the ball from the opponent's CB in his own box and either assisting a goal from there or putting it in himself. His defensive presence in the opponent's backfield is very noticeable, so especially for any of you guys who like to team press, he is the man for you.

Physical (10/10): Firmino's physical is fantastic. Stamina is never an issue, which is always nice, and his strength and aggression, as mentioned in the dribbling and defending sections, allow him to win 50/50s and keep possession for your team.

OVERALL: If you have the fodder/coins/linkability, complete him. Without a doubt. The man has no weaknesses. 5* 5*. Perfect shooting. Perfect passing. Perfect physical. Good pace. Good dribbling. Very useful in team press.

5* 5*


Finesse Shots


Defensive presence


For those of you used to playing with 99 agility and 99 balance on a 5'8 player, Firmino is not that. However, his dribbling is undoubtedly useable, and definitely not a liability.

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 28
GPG: 1.00
APG: 0.57
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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