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Luiz Gustavo - 90 - TOTS
incredible end game CDM
By Undeadtacos, 28-08-2020

( sorry for any formatting issues this is my first review)

I packed baby ronaldo from the free any icon pack, and i wanted to use him so i decided to build a Brazilian Squad and Luiz Gustavo looked promising as he was only 40k since i had fodder filled with Super Lig players, this is incredibly cheap compared to other Brazilian CDMs such as TOTSSF Gabriel or SS David luiz and other icons as well such as Rijkaard and feels very much like viera due to his body type, and boy was i right, this guy will Stop anything and with a shadow he can keep up with pacey players such a griezmann or traore etc. however, i only recommend putting a shadow on him if you intend to use him as a CB otherwise as a midfielder, i recommend, keeping a basic Chem style on him or alternatively an engine, like the community recommends. personally i recommend a Basic as he feels nearly identical to using an Engine as the basic stills boost the Pace, Passing, and dribbling like the engine along with defending and physical. his pace is good enough where he can intercept the ball from most players, or at least put pressure on opponents with faster players, which leads to one of my CB or my other CDM to intercept it , with a shadow however, his pace upgrade is only noticeable in the back line, as a defender, probably due to the 77 agility, but with the shadow he catches up to anyone and could be a great alternative to in game switch with players such as Koeman if you can get him at 8 Chem minimum

however, the main cons to this card are his 3 star week foot and his aggression at times. to be clear his passing is incredible, and 95% of the time his passes lead to incredible assists, but with the other 5% sometimes he will pass the ball directly to the opponent, this is annoying, but not the end of the world as he usually ends up taking it back or my other Cdm ends up intercepting it, and this leads up to the next con, his aggression. like his passing 95% percent of the time he's just fine but for some reason, in some games he will just stand there and not fight for the ball and let it through, usually this is when AI is defending, so if you like to manually defend, you should be fine, but like in my squad i always use two CDMs to prevent incidents like these from happening.

  1. his passing is top notch he will lead to incredible assists
  2. his pace for a basic , or even an engine is amazing, he can intercept even the fastest players
  3. on balanced attacking support he can make some incredible runs and his long shots are great when positioned correctly
  4. his defending and physicality is great he can bully most players

  1. the main con is his # star weak foot, as I mentioned before this can cause him to make errors which most of the time are more annoying that game ending but still are cause for frustration
  2. his aggression at times, as he will just stand there and let an opposing player run past him if not careful
  3. His long shots for the most part are OK. if you're positioned correctly, other wise your shot either goes to far wide or too high up which is annoying but surprisingly they're good enough that almost a third of his goals scored fro me have been from outside the box, but with all honesty i would not rely on this too much
Formation: 4231-2
Position: CDM
Games: 90
GPG: 0.29
APG: 0.76
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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