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Thibaut Courtois - 88 - Normal
Excellent keeper for particular style of play
By JJFIFA989, 21-10-2019

Courtois has divided opinion a lot this year and I feel that I need to review him and give him a fair appraisal after playing about 300 games with him so far. He is a very one dimensional gk, but play to his strengths and he is fantastic. I've been playing a lot of drop back this year in WL and Div Rivals (Div 4 and Div 3) (currently playing 3 depth drop back with the option to switch to pressure on heavy touch with higher depth if I go behind). Courtois plays brilliantly when you play drop back and frustrate your opponent into taking long shots. Best GK on the game IMO at saving them. On player instructions put "Comes for crosses" on. He'll dominate corners, crosses etc. and be pretty consistent in catching the ball rather than parrying it to the opponent. At 1on1s he's not too bad. A little sluggish to come out but he's so big that he does well in those situations due to his frame. Where he struggles, is when your opponent is able to work an opportunity in the 6 yard box. He struggles to get down and effectively save shots from close range. If you can use your defenders to effectively jockey, move to cover any movement by the opponent and defend with aplomb, this GK is really underrated and a bargain for his price tbh. I'm currently playing Varane and Lucas Hernandez at CB and would recommend get CBs with pace and aggression that jockey well to stop your opponent from getting shots off in the 6 yard box. Do that, and this Courtois will be an absolute WALL for you. Don't do that, and he'll be terrible and I would avoid him like the plague. Areola is always an alternative, but I personally found him far less reliable and obv. Courtois is +6 in rating on him. If you know the strengths and limitations of this card, he could be a really solid option for you, so long as you play to his strengths. Pair up some pacey and aggressive CBs to play in front of him to prevent your opponent from getting in behind or finding space in the 6 yard box and exposing Courtois' weaknesses. Ramos, Hernandez, Eder Militao etc. are all good options. Avoid defenders who are big and sluggish to pair up with him like Koulibaly, Sule etc. as Courtois is commanding on corners and crosses and you don't want to be turned inside out.

Height and frame (6' 6'). Dominant for aerial balls, commanding presence in these situations (especially when you apply "comes for crosses" instruction)

Long shot saves

Finesse Shot saves (see above)

Long Throw Trait (His throws to start counter attacks are magnificent. He can throw the ball to the halfway line, making it a great alternative to his lacklustre kicking)

Price (20-22k for a keeper of this calibre, who gives great links is a steal)

(Minor) - His size and frame in 1on1 situations is good. If he gets to the 1on1 in time, he has a good chance to save.

Short range shots (saves fewer of these shots on average than other top keepers)

Low driven shots (not as op as they were on FIFA 18, but Courtois perennially struggles to deal with these due to a lack of agility and his big frame taking a long time to get down for saves)

Kicking is not very accurate again this year. On Goal kicks this can be an issue, but (As mentioned above), he often catches the ball effectively and his counter attacking long throws are a really effective alternative for his distribution when the ball hasn't gone out of play.

(Minor) - Not the quickest at rushing out of goal, making it difficult to cut off attackers if they get in behind for a 1on1 (If you do manage to close down the attacker though, he's very solid).

Formation: 4231
Position: GK
Games: 305
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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