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Quincy Promes - 84 - OTW
Really good for the price
By Samuele554, 23-10-2019

So at first i was a bit sceptical,i have to admit that, because i didn't wanna lose coins, but i have to say that this BOI here made the fear go away. He's literally amazing

  • almost every finesse shot goes in
  • pace is incredible
  • dribbles opponent easely
  • great super sub
  • hard to link unless one has icons, considering the fact that tagliafico will have to be replaced soon because of how the game works
  • pricey but justified
Formation: 433-4
Position: LW
Games: 25
GPG: 0.60
APG: 0.44
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Quincy GOAT

What can i say he is the goat of football, Quincy his right foot the devastating and this left is just as good. Finesse go in most of the time from in front of goal to outside the box, he really can finish his dinner. He is even so good he can stop scripting, it's basically his 84 rated card which was amazing at the start of the game boosted with some serious steroids to make this beast...
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The Best LW in the game

I was lucky enough to get him in an 80+ player pick and when I saw his mental stats (as well as the 5* 4*) I decided that he would replace 89 Sancho in my starting squad. After slapping a marksman on him I concluded that he is nothing short of ridiculous. I played 6 games in champs and in those 6 games he banged in 8 goals and got 7 assists, he is definitely the best left wing in this game and probably one of the best cards...
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Insane value for money

I still can't believe this guy is so cheap. He is absolutely amazing. Just looking at the stats you can already see he is OP. Amazing pace and 4* 5* is great.I've played him everywhere, Mostly as a CAM, but also as striker (get in behind) and as LM/RM (Usually keep on flanks0.Would definitely advice this guy, also strong links with tagliafico (who is also really good) and softlinks with loads of dutch p...
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