Thomas Delaney - 87 - Headliners
The Best Bundes CDM!
By JohnnCurry, 27-01-2020

Hello Folks, a review on the best Bundesliga CDM here! My Delaney plays in the 4231/442 formation alongside FUTMAS Witsel and both are the backbone to my team, more so Delaney himself! He plays with the Anchor chem while Witsel plays with the Powerhouse. Some may say, why not Delaney on Powerhouse and Witsel on Anchor. Well, I’ve tried both and I find that the Anchor plays better with Delaney. What Delaney offers in your team is great tactical awareness and the aggression to close down his man. He will be your most reliable player in your team, he is simply amazing! He can play a great box-to-box CDM but I prefer him to stay back while attacking and use the aggressive tactic while Witsel will stay back also, but tidy up when Delaney will less often lose an interception or make a tackle and pings off elsewhere. For his price, it’s a must for any Bundesliga team who requires an amazing CDM/CM.

PACE: 7/10-He’s not the quickest but Anchor applies enough acceleration and sprint speed to close down a man and track back.

SHOOTING: 6/10-Doesn’t have the greatest of shots but inside the box he finishes well.

PASSING: 7/10-His passing is acceptable enough for a CDM who can play decent short passes and his long balls are fairly decent too.

DRIBBLING: 6/10-Dribbling is ok, the balance and agility isn’t a put off but is useable enough to play at CDM.

DEFENDING: 9/10-His defensive stats are remarkable with the Anchor chem style. All stats are above 93! His interceptions, standing tackling and awareness is ground-breaking!

PHYSICALITY: 10/10-He will play for your team all game long. He fights for the badge of your club and his aggression to close down your opponent’s man is what sets him apart to any midfielder in the Bundesliga!

This card should be at least an 240k card, yeah he is injured but don’t let that put you off!

The Pro’s to this card are as followed:

Interceptions-His interceptions are fantastic. 9/10 he will intercept the ball away from your opponent.

Bodying’-He loves to body your opponent! He always wins them 1on1 battles. Only time he has often lost is up against VVD, obviously.

Stamina-As said in my review, he will run for you all game long. Even has enough stamina in the extra minutes after 90.

Jumping-Man he can jump! 99 jumping with anchor, he was won many headers against players like, Varane, Ramos, Scream Pique. Sometimes VVD.

Tackling-His overall defensive work ethic is impeccable. He really fights for the ball when the opportunity arises! He is the backbone of your team.

4* WF-It's common knowledge to FIFA. 4* or above is great.

Work Rates-H/H work rates is great for a CDM in my opinion. If not, you can always use the player instructions to stay back which i do. Force of habit.

Live Item-Yes he’s injured but when he returns, he will vital for the Yellows like he was from before he got injured. When this review is written, Dortmund are currently 1 win out of 4 domestically.

In-game cosmetics-Has a game face. Always a Pro for me!

The Con’s to this card are as followed:

Shooting-Not a great long decent shooter, neither is he 1v1. He can score goals of course but he isn’t the greatest goal scorer. More often he will pepper the keep or hit the post, annoyingly..

Agility and Balance-Both let this card down a slight but is playable when using him at CDM. Apply a Guardian, I’m sure he will play really well!

3* Skills-Somehow this can be a Con for people in a CDM role, don’t ask why. So, I placed it as a Con for players who like 5* skills on every player.

Linkabilty-He struggles a tad with links due to his nation.

Formation: 4231
Position: CDM
Games: 23
GPG: 0.13
APG: 0.30
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)