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88 - LaLiga POTM
Oyarzabal aka The Spanish Sniper
By Numberbeast51, 10-11-2020

After playing with Mikel Oyarzabal's POTM card i was very impressed with the card. He scored 13 goals and got himself 5 assist in 7 games which is a very good return considering i used him in Fut Champs. I know people will look at his 3* combo and think its an issue but he is one of them cards that is a big lie when it comes to face stats. Hid weakfoot feels like 4* and 3* skills is not a problem for people who can play tikki taka football. I played Oyarzabal at ST and CAM and he works in every position but take in mind that if you are considering playing him at ST use a Hunter on him for the pace and shooting boost. Otherwise he will be a Great CAM/CM with an Engine chem style. To round up this summary Oyarzabal is a fantastic card which brings me joy when i play with him and he has that special something that shows his will to win and play for the badge.


-Shooting(both finesse and power shots are bullets)

-Passing is fantastic for a ST/CAM

-Dribbling is Nice but for the real sweats you might want to boost the agility.

-Stamina is also great he can last 90 minutes at ST but at CAM in a 4231 he will last 70 minutes.

-Defending but as we know he is attacking minded so doesen't matter

-Physicality He isn't very strong and can sometimes get bullied of the ball but 4/5 times his balance does the job.

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 7
GPG: 1.86
APG: 0.71
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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Absolutely Cracked

So I never do reviews the last one I did was last year on Moments Litmanen.But I had to go and do one today because this man is INSANE!I use him out wide in a 442 with de bruyne and allan CM's mertens and G. jesus up top and mahrez RM.He is so fast with a Catalyst and he will make it past even the likes of davies if you use the runn...
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good af

here's my squad link, i use seedorf as a CDM aspas as a LW oyarzabal as a CAM and ben (sick) yedder as a ST,idk why he's a lw cuz as a cam he's so much better, hes left foot is soooo gooooood.... his long shoots are actually decent, but what i loved more it was his dribbling and hes finisse shoot. He's 40k (cheap), thats it i hope you had enjoyed it, have a nice day or night xd
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Do his SBC !

This guy is really really good, his passing is just insane and he is always in the good position, i played 15 FutChampions game with him and he always save me with his amazing passes, 19 Assists !!His SBC is not really overpriced so you must do it guys ! also for a supersub, because he can play in all attack positions.
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