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Allan Marques Loureiro - 83 - OTW
The Pitbull
By Lomder, 11-11-2020

Nothing could describe this card better than calling him a Pitbull. I was skeptical at first to use a 5'9'' player at CDM but as I packed him in my OTW pack I decided to give him ago, and how happy I am that I did!! His ability to close the ball down with catalyst is second to non, 87 acceleration allows you to pounce the second the ball is up for grabs and with 88 interceptions and standing tackle, taking it is a piece of cake! Combine this with 89 short and long pass means distributing the ball after winning possession is a breeze. Now, what I believe really makes this card stand out from others is the 92 stamina and 90 aggression meaning he's going to chase the ball down like a Pitbull chasing a squirrel and will continue to do so all game. If he manages to get even one IF this Fifa he's could quite easily be crucial part of most players squads!

Chases the ball down aggressively

Lasts the whole game

Excellent tackles/interceptions

Very maneuverable

Won't be winning many air balls

Strength could be better

Poor long shots

3* weak foot

Formation: 41212-2
Position: CDM
Games: 25
GPG: 0.16
APG: 0.32
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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My FUT Captain

Gotten him from the beginning and probably won't stop using him. He got the pace (with shadow), the aggression, the stamina and everything a CDM needs. With shadow, his defending stats are all over 90 except for heading accuracy. He is not a strong built player like Sissoko but he gets shit done defensively. I played him as my CDM with stay back and cut passing lane instructions.
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Wow!! Allan= god

Wow, where do I start, he is just the complete cdm. I was lucky enough to pack him out of squad battle rewards and god damn, he has changed my team completely. He has perfect positioning that allows freedom to have any type of cdm next to him in a 4231. He possesses high aggression and doesn't allow anyone past him and even if the stars align and they do get past him, he makes it back to get a second challenge in. Hi...
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allan is a beast

absolute beast. he has the dribbling defending and physicality and has enough passing. way better than ndidi wijnaldum kimmich goretzka and on level with kante who i use next to him
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