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Robert Lewandowski - 93 - Bundes POTM SBC
LewanGOALski is cracked
By Mine9000, 20-11-2020

Where do I even begin with this card? Lewandowski’s POTM came out today at around 3pm UK time, and the wait was worthwhile. It fits perfectly into any Bundesliga as he is from one of the main teams, but for a polish nationality, he is hard to hybrid with other polish players.

Why you should complete this SBC, you won't be dissapointed.

·      93 Shooting on a striker is insane. More importantly, the combination of 96 finishing and 91 shot power can be perfect for a striker.

·      Lewa also has 89 dribbling, but with 91 composure, 91 ball control and 96 reactions. This also means he would be able to take the ball and move to the perfect position.

·      4*4* is perfect for any striker, unless you want the 5* skill moves to pull off some of those fancy skills.

·      6’0” when coupled with his 87 jumping, 89 heading accuracy and 96 finishing make him the perfect target man for crossing.

·      Outside foot shot and finesse shot are perfect for a 4* weak foot striker, and can also be important for certain attacks.

·      He is also strong and aggressive, allowing him to win the ball from an interception or tackle easier.

Why you might not complete this SBC:

·      The requirements, an 85, 86 and 86 rated team (roughly 300k) can be rather expensive for some, which might put you off completing the SBC, even if there is a month to complete him.

·      Lacklustre stamina, which you need to be careful of if playing him at striker. It could defiantly be worst though.

·      80 pace also doesn’t fit the meta as much but a catalyst can fix that somewhat easily.

·      82 passing might also put someone off but a catalyst could fix that too.

·      Outside of the Bundesliga, can be awfully hard to hybrid.

Pace: 8/10

The pace itself could be much worse. A striker does need a good mix of acceleration and sprint speed to match the meta, but there are other players out there that are so much worse. Applying a hunter or catalyst can massively improve this, which could bring his pace to a 9 out of 10 or maybe even a 10.


Shooting: 9.5/10

93 shooting is insane for a striker. The in game stats show this as well. The mix of 96 finishing, 91 shot power, 91 volleys and 87 long shots make him an insane striking option. If you wanted to go even more insane with this card, you could use a hunter or a hawk to bring his shooting up to 96 or 97. A hunter gives him 99 finishing, 99 shot power and 99 volleys. If you would rather make his shooting stats more even yet op, a hawk is perfect. The hawk chem style gives Lewandowski 99 finishing, 99 shot power, 97 long shots and 91 volleys, making him a perfect 10 out of 10.


Passing: 8/10

The passing, like pace is a bit of a let-down. He still has 89 free kicks and 88 short passing, as well as 83 curve. Wit ha catalyst, Lewandowski gets 89 passing, with 99 free kick accuracy, 90 crossing, 93 short passing, 84 long passing and 88 curve, which can make his passing 9 to 10 out of 10 and also a perfect free kick taker.


Dribbling: 9/10

89 dribbling on a striker is amazing. It’s pretty much all you need, but then you get to the in-game stats. 96 reactions, 91 ball control, 88 dribbling and 91 composure is perfect for a striker, but then there’s 2 of the most crucial stats, balance and agility. 86 balance is ok for a striker, as they need to stay on their feet, but 80 agility is a bit trash; as it wont allow you to get around defenders easily. Someone could improve this however if they were to apply an engine chem style.


Defending: N/A  / 9/10

Defending doesn’t really matter for a striker, except from heading accuracy. This one stat is crucial in the meta, because it decides if you should cross or pass, so having 89 heading accuracy is what makes defending a 9/10.


Physicality: 8.5/10

The physicality on a striker isn’t as important but can still decide if a match will be won or lost. 87 jumping is perfect for Lewa as he’s 6’0” and has 89 heading accuracy. 89 strength is also perfect for a striker, as he can push opposing defenders away. Aggression isn’t as important but 84 is still good enough for a striker. The bad stat for his physicality is stamina, which is 79; as well as the only stat that cant be upgraded by a chem style.


Overall Views:

If you can afford the card or can get him into a team, its worth completing. This card, with a catalyst or hunter can be a perfect striker to use in your ultimate team. When I’ve used him with a catalyst, he’s been clinical as a striker in the 4231.

Comparable Cards:

This card seems rather similar to Hallands inform, but also seems rather similar to these list of icons in terms of stats:

Del Piero, Bergkamp, Vieri, Van Basten and Rush (theres key similarities)


Dribbling (for a stirker)




4* 4*




Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 10
GPG: 2.00
APG: 0.90
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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