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79 - Rare
Solid Bargain/Dutch Chem Player
By MinnesotaChrome, 26-11-2020

Solid player that will get the job done if you want a dutch link to your backline (extra chem w/dumfries/haps at fullback with Promes in midfield), or just a quick and cheap CB to keep up in Rivals. Pace is usually not an issue as long as you have shadow or anchor. Good passer of the ball never had issues when getting pressed. One glaring issue was heading. Consistently beaten by offensive players from corners and tends to have a hard time pushing stronger players off the ball. All in all 7/10 player and definitely worth the purchase if you are a lower div player or just starting your team in FUT 21.


-Composure on the ball

-Passing is fairly decent for a 79 CB

-Height (only 5'11 has decent jumping but gets beat in the air by taller players/players with good heading stats often from set pieces)

-Heading ability both offensively and defensively

-Positioning (not a glaring issue, but tends to be out of place sometimes in defence and is not quick enough to recover easily like most quick meta CBs)

Formation: 4231
Position: CB
Games: 102
GPG: 0.02
APG: 0.03
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (1/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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So I used Ake in a 4312, as a LCB, and safe to say, he was class.Using him with a shadow, and he caught up to nearly any striker for me. He has a good acceleration stat, and it was very noticeable, because I was catching up with any Neymar or Mbappe with ease. He also got into really good positions and made a few great blocks. On defending corners, if he's in an aerial 50/50, 95% of the time he will win it...
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Nathan ake is a very solid CB within the price that they are asking for him, he has a lot of pros and small amount of cons and is the perfect cb partner ship with for example van dijk, Joe Gomez, etc, for me he has the similarities to variance, he is agile and can quickly get a turnover, for me he has the ability to be on both ends of the field cuz of his ability to head the ball well.
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