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Ciro Immobile - 88 - TOTGS SBC
Meta? No, Do i care? No
By HAMSALAD16, 08-12-2020

This is a quite a fast review as he only came out 2 hours ago but this is my review on Ciro Immobile SBC. I was hesitant to do him as he looks like a risky investment but i did him for only 40K as i have a lot of players in my club. I played 5 games with him and wow. I want to say i DON'T LIKE the META. It is BOOOOOORING. My RTG is around mason mount. Enough said. I played all my games in div 2 rivals and won 4 drew 1. He turned FIFA Joe Gomez to real life Joe Gomez. He is a must do for all people with enough coins to do it. People say "OH WELL YOU CAN DYBALER FOR CHEAPER" There is a difference between a normal gold card and a first owner cool card with a sick card design. He got 11 goals in 5 games, just wow. DO IMOBILE TODAY AND END THE META!





DECENT price

3 skills

4 weak foot


Not premier league

Formation: 433-4
Position: ST
Games: 5
GPG: 2.20
APG: 0.80
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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The upgrades he needed to be a complete monster

I run a Serie A squad all year so far and therefore tested his base gold (not for long tho) and also did his TOTGS SBC. Even though his shooting was always pretty good, the obvious fact that Ciro was never anything near "meta" was noticable in certain areas like dribbling or pace. And as Engine was always the no brainer chem style for him, his shooting stats were not maxed o...
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The Tank

I don't usually leave reviews but this card was just too good not to. Where to begin, well you may have initially been put off from using him due to him horrendously not suiting the meta last year but this year he is INSANE. With a hunter he has 94 shooting and 93 pace, this is definitely noticed in game as he's easily able to run past defenders such as Gomez, VVD & Klosterman. His shooting is 2nd is almost fake at time...
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Mcjell is cumming

We finally get an sbc card for totgs after such a dead week of fifa. As soon as i saw this card, i had to do it. 90k for such a quality player irl and also ig
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