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Dominic Calvert-Lewin - 84 - PL POTM SBC
What A Bargain!
By DailyTradingTips, 09-10-2020

So I Completed this POTM for around about 50K (Packed Gnabry From the Jumbo Gold Pack) and I Can tell you that he is worth every single penny. The Attack Positioning on this card makes him stand out more than other Premier League Strikers. The Combination of his size and pace makes him such a versatile striker running in behind, winning headers and holding up the ball. This card can do it all and for the price he is an absolute Bargain. He fits the meta of this game perfectly.

Acceleration 83

Sprint Speed 92

Positioning 88

Finishing 84

Shot Power 85

Reactions 85

Ball Control 82

Dribbling 82

Heading Accuracy 92

Jumping 95

Stamina 86

Strength 86

Balance 69

Composure 76

Vision 70

Crossing 71

Short Passing 76

Long Passing 48

Curve 70

Formation: 4411
Position: ST
Games: 3
GPG: 1.33
APG: 0.33
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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Brilliant Chess Piece

SLIPPERY. That's DCL in a nutshell. Pace is not Mbappe but his strength combined with his beanpole body type allow him to slide around CBs with ease and latch onto thru balls. Goes great in a 2 striker formation, with another ST to draw the other CB away and allow him more one on ones. I know a lot of yous looked at the SBC and thought, "am I really gonna sink my fodder and 40k into a 84 rated untradeable in early October,"...
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So i completed this POTM card for my team For a replace on Inaki Williams i found he was good but not better than Calvert-Lewin. He is insane ive played 18 games and got 26 goals with 13 assists in division rivals in Div 5 he can finish for me his finesse shots are broken and on his debut he got 4 goals and 1 assist and i do a 4231 ingame. if your looking for a Striker he is the one for you
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DCL is a beast

He is an absolute beast in game and always wins headers. his shot power is insane and and his shot accuracy is quite good too. in comparison to richarlison, richarlison is smaller and got a 5* wf but no where near as good
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