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94 - TOTY
By cgopie1, 31-01-2021

(First paragraph is about how happy I am I packed him. If not interested, skip to the next paragraph). So, like everybody else, I'd built up a lot of packs over the last year and saved them for TOTY. I had 197 packs saved in total, including a few Ultimate Packs, the 5x 85+ and the 25x 83+ packs, and started opening them as soon as 6PM hit on Friday, starting with the worst packs to get them out of the way. 195 packs later, my best pack pull was the new IF De Jong card, and not much good fodder aside from that. So I was desperate to get something from these last two packs, the 25x 83+ pack and the 5x 85+ pack. I went for the 25x 83+ first.....BAM!!!!! There it was, the purple flares! Out came Trent and I started dancing around my room! After 20 mins of dancing, calling friends, taking and uploading photos of my TV screen, I finally pressed X to see the rest of the pack, and there was TOTY Moments Fekir AND IF Bernardo Silva hiding behind him! Amazing! I then opened the 5x 85+ pack, and I got 1 86 and 4 85s. Whatever, the pack before somehow made up for the disappointment of the other 196 packs. Whew! Ok, now onto the review...

This is the team I decided to use him in (, changing to a 5-2-2-1 formation in-game, with Trent as RWB. I gave him an engine chem style and have him on balanced attack, normal interceptions and overlap.

Geez....where do I start with him? I've played 37 games with him now, and have just finished FUT champs as I'm writing this, getting to Elite 3 for the first time ever in any FIFA. Out of 37 games, Trent has 2 goals and 28 assists. 28 games were in FUT Champs and the rest were all in Division Rivals 3.

So let's start with his set pieces. Both his goals came from free kicks, which are amazing. There were a few other occasions where it was cleared off the line, or hit the crossbar. I don't know exactly how many assists came from his corners, but it feels like 8-10. I think I'm pretty good at scoring corners in general, but scoring at a rate of about 1 in every 4 games with Trent taking them is incredible.

Despite this, with the Engine chem style on him, free-kicks is actually his worst passing stat. First, his long passing in-game matches the 99 stat. I don't often use long passing, but ever since the first time I decided to chip through ball from deep in his own half for Neymar to run onto perfectly (and subsequently miss the open goal after I rounded the keeper) I started using long passing more and more, simply because he was so effective at it.

His short passing (from wide of the 18 yard box) and crossing ability is where the vast majority of his assists have come from, and they truly are pinpoint. I've tried crossing from deep with him a few times, and the quality on them have looked great (much better than others crossing from deep), although I have unfortunately not gotten any assists from these as they were defended pretty well.

His attack positioning and dribbling, combined with his pace, are what makes this card as a RWB so amazing for me, as it helps him constantly get into the dangerous positions. I can turn inside-and-out with him really well out wide to make room for the pass or cross. I really do recommend the Engine chem style on him, despite only 4% of Futbin users apparently agreeing with me.

If you've seen the squad I use him in, it is stacked with quality defenders both in midfield and attack, hence why I didn't focus on his defensive stats with a chem style. At RWB, his base defending stats are more than good enough, and his pace is obviously great. The 94 acceleration hasn't been a noticeable problem at all, and the increase to his agility and balance helps him turn quickly when up against both left-stick dribbling and many skill moves. He has been dribbled past a few times when I've come up against players better than me, but I think that's a 'me' problem rather than the quality of this card.

The only times I've been able to get him to shoot from open play is after he's taken a corner from the left and he's running diagonally across the pitch to get back into position. His finesse shots from range seem dangerous, but I haven't scored at all this way. The only shooting stat that really matters for Trent from open play is his positioning. I did take a penalty with him late in a game where I was 0-3 down, and it was saved.

Regarding headers, there aren't many occasions where I've had to head the ball with him; I do recall a couple occasions when defending a corner and the ball got near him but he lost the header, though neither occasion resulted in a goal.

His strength is apparently a weakness, but I've not noticed this at all.

The only slight issue I have with him is, when he's high up the pitch and I lose the ball, whilst he's mostly fine at getting back, there were a few occasions where I was really agitated that he hadn't gotten back quick enough.

Overall, he really does feel like the best RB/RWB in the game, as he should be, and he might even be one of the best wide RMs if you decide to use him there. 10/10 for me

  • Corners and Free Kicks
  • Crossing
  • Long and short passing
  • Getting into position when attacking
  • With an engine chem style he can turn very well when defending vs dribblers/skillers
  • Generally really solid defensively

  • Defending headers at corners
  • Sometimes takes slightly too long at getting back for counter attacks
Formation: 5221
Position: RWB
Games: 37
GPG: 0.05
APG: 0.76
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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