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94 - TOTY
absolutely cracked midfielder
By TruthSpeaker, 02-02-2021


i knew my luck when toty started as i saved my packs i knew i wasn't going to pack a toty so the only logical thing to do was sell what i could and buy one. I was able to buy trent for 1.07 mil and its the best decision i have made in a fifa. my mind set was to swap him with totw cancelo and deploy trent in many central midfielder spots and it worked like a charm. during fut champs i went 14-2 and played the remainder of my games in div 1 to snach up those rank 1 rewards. in total during those 30 games trent had 23 goals and 22 assists from the right cm spot of a 5-2-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2(2) and a 4-4-2 he took every single role except for penalties and scored 2 free kicks with 2 more hitting the cross bar and post. i started trent with an engine and it worked for a bit until i faced a toty davies at that moment i realized pace still means everything and slapped on a shadow. if you have enjoyed using kante or someone similar that you just track runs with toty trent is on another level he single handedly won a weekend league game for me where i had 27% possession he had 2 assists and about 15 interceptions in a 2-1 win. trent is the total packeage dont wast him at the full back spot put this bad boy in the middle of the field where he can wreak havoc on opposition attacks and defences.

Pace 10/10

comparison: if toty davies is usain bolt trent is which ever guy came in second

for 99 pace with a shadow he doesn't feel like he quite get up to full speed as quick as someone like davies, but that doesnt matter cuz he is still fast his track down speed is ridiculous and causes your opponent to make quick decisions which usually results in a loss of possession. his speed on the attack is also hard for opponents to deal with, if you get a yard of space your gone

Shooting 8/10

comparison: remember that goal ronaldo scored against porto in the champions league..... ya that and only that

this is his worst stat and its not even terrible 97 shot power 90 long shots 70 finishing. you know how i said "and only that" ya he can only score from outside the box. He has an absolute cannon of a shot try a long shot with him and youll see why i say cannon. goalies dont realize the ball has gone by them until they see the hole that trent created finishing inside the box kinda let me down since one of those weekend league losses came after trent couldn't bury the 119 min dagger inside 8 yards. if u got a break away with trent shoot from just outside the box and you should be fine

Passing 10/10

comparison: search up beckham assists ronaldo....ya those types of balls all game long doesnt matter where you are on the field

best stat by far, I didnt realize how bad the rest of my players were at passing and how much those stats really matter. his passing was so good it made me sad when i had to pass with wijnaldum or de bruyne cuz i knew they couldnt do what trent does and that is give inch perfect passes. dont worry about varane and gomez just press triangle and see your player through on goal. no seriously i held triangle wanting to pass to the wing and trent basically said "nah i got a better idea" and found a man through on goal with 10 yard of space. the final passing stat is free kicks, ya your set for the rest of the game put his man on everything corners, free kicks, long free kicks he probably got about 9 assists and 2 goals from set pieces alone

Dribbling 8/10

comparison: young Ibra

having never watched young ibra i thought it would be a good comparison since hes known for being a great dribble but since he is tall he probably cant turn as quick as others like messi. so ya trent is a young ibra in terms of dribbling great ball control but slighly slower at turning compared to smaller people. the ball sticls to his feet and a quick r1 dribble can give you plenty of space for a devastating pass. honestly didnt dribble much with trent if i had room i was sending someone through with a pass or chip through so 8/10 cuz 3 star skills

Defending 10/10

comparison: watch a floyd mayweather defence compilation

now that you have returned from the defence compilation youll know he barely get hit the equivalent in fifa is that your opponent never gets a ball through. this is trents second best stat for me and it really shows. he is able to track runs better than anyone that i have used in the game. my opponent holding me to 27 possession was all trent, he had that much possession cuz he literally couldnt find a pass he waited all game for that one pass that would beat me but it never came cuz trent was everywhere paired with 99 stamina hes a nightmare to attack against. people actively avoided whichever side trent was one

Physical 9/10

comparison: also young Ibra minus some strength and jumping but plus stamina basically the aggression is the same

his agression is good strength is good enough that he doesnt get bullied and jumping is also good cuz hes 5'11 and doesnt really need to jump that high to beat out anyone

99 stamina thats it a perfect card made better, you need to press do it he'll still have energy. you need him to run back and forth all game ya he'll do that to. you want to funel the play to one side trent is your guy. jack of all trades, master of none nah master of all trades, jack of who the hell cares ppl have to suffer for 90 minutes trying to avoid this card

closing remarks:

i wanted toty davies but ended up with trent and i cannot complain i was going to play either one at cm and im happy i got to use trent over davies his passing is a real game changer and only 2-3 cards in the game can really do as good a job as trent

(i know theres grammar issues but this ain't a college essay so read through them thx for reading the review :)

  • pace he's real fast
  • shooting, if its outside the box its a bomb of a shot
  • passing is stupid good
  • dribbling, the ball will stick to his feet
  • 99 stamina, press all game cuz you can
  • finishing inside the box
  • not as quick at turning as one might want
  • will make the rest of your team seem bad
Formation: 5212
Position: CM
Games: 30
GPG: 0.77
APG: 0.73
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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