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92 - Icon Moment
By MastaOfDisastaaa, 03-03-2021

The title says it all, pretty much. EA have made an absolutely broken card by giving Kluivert 5 star weak foot.

The card is literally beyond broken.

Before you start reading make sure you are looking for a target man kind of player, big strong finisher, not to be confused with meta little shits like Mbappe, Neymar, etc. As long as we realise it is a completely different kind of a player and requires completely different playstyle we can go ahead.

Yes I love playing big boys on FIFA every single year, still cry after that special pink Giroud card from a couple of years ago or Chikhaoui cards or TOTS Ibra cards.

Now this Kluivert right here easily deserves to be put together with all those most broken target man players ever released.

So far this year I was running prime Socrates as my striker and he was doing very well. If you know how to use these big players you can have way more fun than running around like stupid fuck with boring meta shits. Now getting Kluivert I did have a lot of expectations but also being dissapointed in the post I was hoping for him to be at least on par with prime Socrates as striker.

Jesus Christ he is so much more I ever hoped for. use him in 2 striker formation and he will score every kind of goal, left foot finesse bangers from outside the box vs TOTY Neuer, you are welcome, headers from corners, there you go, top bins screamers every game, yes thats right, every single game.

This guy simply doesnt score ordinary goals, every goal you score you are trying to break the net. Something you really have to try, its like maybe some of you remember Tsubasa series and there was a guy called Kojiro with extremely powerful shots, well there you go, this is your FIFA Kojiro with 5 star weak foot :)

Dont go for engine, engine is pointless on target man players, you not gonna drag back and replicate goals you score with Neymar, if thats your intention you are simply doing it wrong.

Give this man hunter straight away, make him 99 pace with 99 positioning, finishing and 98 shot power which feels more like 120 anyway.

On top of that you are getting amazing passing, huge boost to his composure as well as big upgrade to dribbling stats with reactions going above 90 ...

Also usual 90+ jumping and heading with power header trait, flair trait and outside foot shoot too but since he have 5star wf now this doesnt matter anymore.

I just dont have words to explain how amazing this guy is in game, for such a big guy he is also so so so quick on hunter, he is getting in behind like there's no tomorrow and with his size, body type and strength nobody will stop him. Dont even bother with likes of prime icon Drogba etc. this is the king of big strikers this year period.

CR7 should call him dad, he is that good !

  • he is better than you could possibly expect from a target man
  • one of the best target man strikers in the whole FIFA series history !!!!!!!!
  • no cons for someone who knows the diference between target man and Neymar :)
Formation: 352
Position: ST
Games: 36
GPG: 1.36
APG: 0.44
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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