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96 - TOTY
Best player of fifa?
By misterus15, 05-03-2021

Last week i bought Kimmich with the last coins i had remaining. He is the most expensive player i have ever bought and the first toty i have ever used (excl. draft). You can place Kimmich everywhere. I play him in the 4231 at cam. He's a great allround player and never gets tired, even if you focus almost every ball on him. You can't blame me for doing so. If i pat a Hunter chemestrystyle on him, there are only four statts that don't reach the 90 mark. These statts are penalties, freekick accuracy, heading accuracy and stregth. He already scored 6 corners for me and i haven't played that many games with him. So his heading statt is still great if you can score out of a corner as a player that is 176cm/5'9". I notice that his strength isn't fantastic. It's good enaugh but not fantastic. For a player with only 69 freekick accuracy, They are still pretty decent. But if you have a player with a better statt you should still go for the other player. I haven't tried to take a penalty with him yet but i don't expect to much of it.

He is very fast with the Hunter chemestrystyle and has very good shooting. His passes are almost perfect and can even pass with the outside of his foot even tho he doesn't have that trade. He is grade at dribbling and has a lot of composure. I'm not much of a skiller but i would have liked it if he would have 4 starr skillmoves. If you only dribble with your left stick it will be enough to get past most of your apponents. Even though he has 4 starr weak foot, i don't really notice this. I would say it's just 3 starrs. I have shot multible times with his left foot and its a little bit dissapointing. His defending statts are amazing. even though his defending workrate is medium, he does the job. With 4231 he plays at the central cam position and comes back when defending and is arleady in an attacking position when needed. His physical statts are better than i expected. Like i mentioned earlier, has he scored out of 6 corners and they where all with the head thanks to his 99 jumping. He has 99 stamina and just wo't run out of it. It's just impossible. He might just be the best allround player of FIFA!

Long shots: His long shots are amazing. Since i play him at cam, i get to shoot a lot with him. Long shots are a 80% chance to a goal if it goes past the defenders... We still have to remember that we are playing fifa 21 and that the defenders like blocking a lot this year.

Passing: His passing over all is amazing. Short and long passer are both great. He even passes with his the outside of his foot and he doesn't have that trait so it surprised me a bit.

Dribbling: He is very good at dribbling. Dribble with your left stick and it is surprisingly fun to see.

Physicality: He is great at jumping and has already scored 6 corners with a header even though he is176cm/5'9". He also has the perfect 99 stamina. He doesn't get tired. Even if ou focus all your plays on hiim.

Height: I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not going to be the guy that says he doesn't have any cons. There can't be a player that doesn't have any cons. His height is one of them. He is 176cm/5'9" so he isn't very tall. It would be nice if he was just a little bit taller and if this con + the cons below would get fixed, THEN he would be the perfect player and would not have any cons.

Skillmoves: He has 3 starr skillmoves. You can dribble with Kimmich without the skillmoves, very well. But if you would use a skillmove it just doesn't go very smoothe all the time. Sometimes its a bit slow when he does have some great dribbling statts.

Weakfoot: He has 4 starr weakfoot but in wy experience it feels like 3. I have tried to use his left foot more than i would have liked to really want him to use that leg good. I guess that it is good enaugh for passing but if we are talking about shooting, i would say that my 86 totw Frenkie the Jong is better at shooting whit his right foot (66 rated shooting) then Kimmich is with his left foot (wf and with the Hunter chemestry style 92 rated shooting).

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 35
GPG: 0.60
APG: 0.74
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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