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93 - Icon Moment
Amazing and fun to use
By B4DBUNNY, 08-03-2021

Let me start out by saying that I did him for 2 reasons: first, he is one of my childhood idols, but since I felt that EA did his pace dirty on his prime card I never used it. Second, I was desperate to get rid of Varane.

I used him in my WL and he is just amazing, I used him with shadow to just finish maxing out his defensive stats - I must note that I originally intended of using him with catalyst, but that chem style improves his short passing but not his vision, and I personally feel that if it doesn't improve his vision its just better to max out the defensive stats. He is a bit better than I imagined, now I'll get into each face stat.


Card says 75 that goes up to 85 with chem style. First off, I must say that his pace although not meta, is still very good and most definitely useable. He is relatively short for a CB and I feel that this makes him feel a bit faster on his feet. One thing I did notice is that in my opinion his pace can sometimes be inconsistent, I played a few matches where he could easily catch up to CR7 and Neymar and then other matches where he would get outpaced by Pogba. Conclusion: Good pace.


The card says 62 but I really believe that a lie. He's quite good with the ball at his feet and despite having lower dribbling rating than Varane and Joe Gomez, he feels better than both of them. He's obviously not a great dribbler, but he can move the ball. His agility and balance seem very low but honestly he doesn't feel clunky at all (for a CB).


Card displays 70 and it feels quite solid for a CB. I was originally worried by his 60 vision but it doesn't feel too bad thanks to his 78 short passing. He can pass when needed and definitely passes much better than Varane.


Its a truly marvelous stat. He has a base stat of 96 that maxes out at 99 with chem style. His defensive capabilities are hand down the best I've used this year. His tackling is almost always perfectly clean and effective and his legs reach much farther than you'd expect. His interceptions are on point and he is great at avoiding rebounds. His defensive positioning is always perfect, either for intercepting or to quickly chase the rival player. He rarely loses the player he's marking. His heading is very good and strong despite his height.


He's one of the most physically complete defenders out there. With 94 strength and aggression he compensates for his height. He has absolutely no problem bullying CR7, Mbappe and Neymar although his only weakness are big strong players like POTM Haaland, but fortunately he's less common than the first ones mentioned. He has a great physical presence in-game which I consider is in large part due to his unique hairstyle.

So my conclusion is: If you're not running a 10+ million coin squad you should do him. He's a great player that can completely reshape your defence and as long as you don't pull him out of position his pace won't often be a problem. And on top of that, his hairstyle is fun to look at.

  • Haistyle
  • Defensive stats
  • Physicality and physical presence
  • Passing
  • He's Puyol

Formation: 352
Position: CB
Games: 27
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (3/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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