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Allan Saint-Maximin - 83 - IF
STILL among the best
By Xertalz, 09-03-2021

I got this guy untradeable however many months ago. In all that time since, I have used tons of wingers (Neymar, Rashford, El Shaarawy, etc.). This guy is STILL my favourite. Another example of a card that is just way better than the stats suggest.

Pace: 10/10


Shooting: 7/10

Biggest issue with the card. I use a deadeye which puts the shooting up to a decent stat, but that's just a chem style boost. If you're in a decent position it shouldn't be a problem, but he'll miss the occasional 1 on 1 and won't be much use outside the box. 4* weak foot is nice.

Passing: 8/10

Very good passing for a winger. I'm never really in a situation where he needs to play long passes, but i'd assume those likely wouldn't be the best. More than good enough as a LF here though, which is where i've mostly used him.

Dribbling: 10/10 (15/10)

10/10 is the maximum I can put on here. I would give him a 15 if I could.

If you played FIFA 18 you will remember Romain Alessandrini's inform cards. To this day that is still the best FIFA card I have ever used. His dribbling, in particular, was absolutely broken, and he was probably the best card I have ever used on the ball. I've used many many good cards over the years on the ball, including even TOTY Messi last year. Why is this relevant? Saint-Maximin is better on the ball than ALL OF THEM. Good gameplay, bad gameplay, it won't matter. His card is unbelievably responsive. Also, you know, 5* skills. At this stage of the year, it's pretty much essential. Elasticos with this guy work wonders. Cannot say enough good things about the dribbling so i'll just stop there.

Defending: 3/10

I'll just give it a three. You're not using him centre back, who cares.

Physical: 6/10

Stronger than the stats suggest, but still not strong. Stamina gets to be an issue if you go past 90 minutes, and a slight problem around the 75th.

After 534 games with this guy, I can conclude he will likely not ever leave my team unless he gets an 85 IF.


5* skills

4* weak foot


200k (PS4) is pretty cheap this time of year


Formation: 4321
Position: LF
Games: 534
GPG: 0.56
APG: 0.44
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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