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92 - Icon Moment
Basically a FIFA 13 TOTY IBRA with 5 Star WF...
By TicccyYT, 10-03-2021

Well it is safe to say after a miserable 200 games with Kluiverts baby card I didnt have much hope for this card but my word this card is INSANE. Kluiverts moments may aswell be a prime IBRA in disguise because the way this guy bullies off opponents on the move or static back to goal, simply holding LT or L2 is basically a cheat card because not even my opponents in div 1 knew what to do. The raw force this guy has is unbelievable.. Pace, Power, Physical, Shot, Aerial... he is just always dominant and its been a hot minute since ive used a comparable player. And not to mention the WF UPGRADE IS SOOOOO GOOD. To see all this in action i have a player review on YT with some gameplay further deep diving into it all HE HAS HIS OWN META!?! PRIME MOMEMNTS KLUIVERT PLAYER REVIEW!!!, hopefully it will help anyone considering picking him up and let me know if youve come from futbin <3 I really appreciate all the support!!!

All of this provides another element to this guys game but it is worth noting that Kluivert isnt perfect unfortunately, he is missing 1 thing and that is finesse shot trait. but with the 5 star weak foot and the insane overall shooting stats, shooting with raw shot power wont be an issue at all. and then it is also worth mentioning he doesnt have the highest agility or balance, not that i noticed this as an issue but its important to note.

Finally, Price wise... 700k sbc wise is quite steep but if you have fodder then this card is worth it but make sure you try his loan first before fully committing.

again im gonna reitterate the effectiveness of holding LT and shielding, just for those of you that forgot, thank me later :)

Market Value between 800k-900k on both consoles is also steep so again id suggest you test the loan first before committing but it is worth noting you can pick up the likes of CR7 or Mbappe or Ney and Messi ect... for the same price so dont fully commit if you need to improve your squad elsewhere

Overall this card is super enjoyable though so definitely check him out and try this unique meta of shielding with him, you wont be disappointed!

Physical Presence... HOLYYYYY LT/L2 is a cheat code. ive got gameplay on YT in the description if you want to see what i mean

Raw power on and of the ball, literally bullies whoever gets in his way

That rocket of a left and a right... YES THAT 5 STAR WEAK FOOT IS MINT

Feels like an icon, not every icon does but this guy is special

Surprisingly quick off the mark

Elegant touch of the ball

Aerial Ability is unmatched in this years game, if the opportunity arises he will take it

Fights for the badge

Dutch Links

Price wise... 700k sbc wise is quite steep but if you have fodder then this card is worth it but make sure you try his loan first before fully committing.

No Finesse shot trait is a real real bummer...

Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 3
GPG: 2.33
APG: 1.33
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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The title says it all, pretty much. EA have made an absolutely broken card by giving Kluivert 5 star weak foot. The card is literally beyond broken. Before you start reading make sure you are looking for a target man kind of player, big strong finisher, not to be...
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well i played with him in 10 games he scored 18 and assisted 11 his shooting is exceptional he scores eveything and for stiker he has very good passing and when you mix this with 5 star weak foot,even though his agility and balance are not the best but still he is an amazing player and if you have the coins i would say go for it
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So i bought this guy when he was extinct on the market more like an investment rather to actually play with him. But i tried him and i was so impressed.I played with him in a 442 with butragueno mid by his side with an engine chem style.PACE 9\10: he just has 89 pace but with chem style boost e he just runs through defenders like mbappe.SHOOTING 10/10: this guy is basically a god , everyt...
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