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85 - IF
Best Premier League Striker?
By akaRand0mHer0, 20-03-2021

First off, thanks for reading. Secondly, I'm always open to feedback and/or questions about any reviews I do.

On to the review: plainly speaking, this card is fantastic and extremely fun to use. I have used nearly all of the top level Premier League strikers in this years FIFA. I have also used TOTY Lewandowski. I can honestly say, this Jota card has been the most fun. It doesn't hurt that he's an absolute beast.

I would recommend using either Hawk to get a strength and jumping boost for some heading threat, or Hunter for the obvious pace and shooting boost.

For this review I will use Hunter.


With Hawk, his first couple of steps are insanely quick but he may lack the top end speed to run away from the fastest defenders. Although with the strength boost, he can hold off defenders.

With Hunter, he is simply blazing fast. With either card, his acceleration is 98 (hawk) or 99 (hunter), and his first few steps, he leaves anyone behind. His top end speed with hunter is 94 and unlike other players with similar pace, he legitimately leaves defenders behind. If he gets in front of a defender, he doesn't get caught.


He has no shooting traits and so far that has not been a problem at all. His shooting is fantastic. He has a pretty good finesse shot with decent curve. His regular shot has pretty good power behind it. He does have 5* weak foot and his left is legit. I will say I noticed as the match goes on, it does seem that his right foot has a tiny bit more power behind it. I've also noticed that under pressure, he has a shot that reminds me of TOTY Lewandowski where the ball goes up and dips back down. I've found that the GKs have trouble defending this shot. With hunter, he has 94 finishing, 94 shot power and those two combined with his 89 composure, he doesn't miss very often at all. He will miss 1 in 15 that should have gone in.


This is a category for him that I can't quite wrap my head around. None of his passing numbers stand out at premier. Although, in game, he had no issues making all the passes I needed him to make. He also surprised me with some of his through balls. He most often put the ball right on the nose and enough ahead of the runner for the runner to run onto it but not so far that a supporting defender could sweep it up.


One word, superb! 92 agility, 91 balance, 89 ball control and 89 dribbling! He easily pulls off skill moves with ease. The easiest comparison to make is with Headliners Ben Yedder but with strength. And that strength combined with his 92 aggression does help him hold defenders off.


He's an excellent defender for a striker. He tackles well and can really put pressure on the opponents back line. Would I play him in midfield, no. For two reasons. One, he's a striker and I, unlike most, actually play players in their designed positions. Secondly, with H/H work rates, he won't last the full 90 minutes.


He jumps better than his 71 rating suggests. He has actually banged in a few headers for me. 85 stamina at striker with stay forward instructions means he usually lasts a full 90 minutes no problem. His 79 strength paired with his 92 aggression makes him a nightmare to try and get the ball off of him. As I said before, he does hold defenders off well but will lose the occasional 50/50 with guys like Van Dijk.


Quick, agile, great shooting, great composure and excellent physicals. All of these things make Jota one of, if not the most complete striker in the Premier League. Compare him to any others in the prem and I guarantee he has something over them. The closest comparison would be freeze Mane but I'll take Jota. 1.2 million cheaper, just as fast and agile. equal shooting, equal passing and less predictable runs. Plus, that 5* weak foot is phenomenal!

-5* weak foot, 4* skills

-quick and fast

-very agile

-great shooting

-very well rounded


-won't win many corners from headers

-not the greatest shooting outside the box

-pulls the random shot wide

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 12
GPG: 2.67
APG: 2.75
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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