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89 - IF
The upgrade is worth it!
By PhilMcCracken, 03-04-2021

If you're a FIFA player who already has Kanté in your team, I would highly suggest spending an ekstra 220k (as of April 2021) to upgrade him to his inform! I was fortunate enough to get him from a 86+ FUT champs upgrade, and I've reached a point where I don't feel safe in defense without him in my squad. I play an offensive 4312, and from time to time I genuinly feel bad for my opponent, as they have to get past him in order to get to my CBs, which they don't more often than not - thanks to Kanté, of course.

Pace 78 (+10), 9/10

With shadow (yeah, sorry), he has 88 pace ingame, and the boost is felt. He is able to keep up with most players, but usually he manages to tackle the opponent before it comes to that.

Shooting 68, 4/10

I don't shoot with him. Ever. Although he did get 1 lucky goal at some point.

Passing 78, 7/10

Does the job. He's decent with hold-up play, as long as you don't expect him to ping 50 yard long passes across the pitch.

Dribbling 82, 9/10

He feels much smoother on the ball than you would think. He easily makes those small unpredictable dribbles in order to get out of your opponent's high pressure. Just don't do skill moves with him and you'll be fine.

Defending 87 (+10), 10/10

Absolutely disgusting. He's so good at defending, it just doesn't feel fair at all. Especially his interceptions. He will occasionally make interceptions automatically, which means that sometimes I'm now even aware that his gone and gotten the ball. In 1-on-1 situations, all you have to do is press circle/B, and you're good. I cannot stress this enough; he's ridiculous.

Physical 83, 9/10

Once again, he feels way stronger ingame than his 73 strength would make you think. IMO his strength feels closer to an 85-86, as he's able to out-muscle most players, with relative ease. Other than that, his stamina is of course fantastic, as he's easily able to play the full 90 minutes, and will also last through extra time when needed. His only downside here is his jumping (duh), as he won't win many - if any - headers. But he of course more than makes up for this with his aforementioned pros.

Final words;

As i said in the beginning; if you already use Kanté, and you have an additional 220k laying around, I would highly suggest upgrading, as it's one of those rare occasions imo, where the upgrade is really felt ingame.

  • DEFENDING (!!) (especially interceptions)
  • Physical (mainly stamina)
  • Pace (thanks to shadow)
  • Heading & jumping (duh)
Formation: 4312
Position: CDM
Games: 215
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.13
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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