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Pelé - 99 - Icon Moment
By Aggelos10, 16-04-2021

After packing this dude from the Prime icon or PIM pack, i legit strated to cry. So, i used him in 2 WLs, and guess what happened after scoring 38 goals with him. His goal tally went up. Accoring to statistics, in saturday that i played all the matches, he added my goals that i scored with him in his career goals, and at his age, he is still the best footballer in 2021, glad that i can help him improve day by day?

  1. Decent hair
  2. Good interceptions
  3. Great LB with anchor, or if you are more of a wild person, CB with sentinel
  4. Cool name
  1. Bald hair would suit him the most
  2. If you dont score a lot of goals with him, he may message you and complain about it
  3. Could have better Defensive awarness, lets hope that next year EA will see how good he defends in his grandsons backyard, and improve his defending stats by a lot
  4. He looks small in game

Formation: 4231
Position: CB
Games: 78
GPG: 1.14
APG: 0.15
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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