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Petros Matheus dos Santos Araujo - 89 - TOTS SBC
Alright card with some flaws
By kogifnbr, 04-05-2021

I played around 10 games with him at CDM in the 532, i found him to be pretty good. I didn't really like his pace, he feels a lot slower ingame because of his body type but i might have just used the wrong chem style so i dont know. I had a catalyst on but you can tell me otherwise.

I found his passing to be really good, i dont think he messed up a single pass apart from a couple times he used his weak foot. His defending is really good probably my favourite thing about him, he won a lot of tackles when the opponent was on the counter attack or winning the ball back in midfield. He was in the right place almost always so dont let the defensive awareness fool you. Lastly, his physicality. He would play for the badge and go right in for the ball. He also never ran out of stamina so that was never a problem to sub him off.

I didnt like his pace at all. He felt way slower than 86 pace with a catalyst on. Once again, it could have been that i had him on 8 chem or his body type but i really dont know. His shooting i didnt really have to worry about at all at cdm so dont worry about it. His dribbling is alright, he went for a few runs but only having 3 star skills kind of made it hard to get around anybody. Having 3 star 3 star is a massive disadvantage in May so I dont know if I will use him long term or not.

Formation: 532
Position: CDM
Games: 10
GPG: 0.40
APG: 0.30
Pace (4/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (4/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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Good value with a lot of flaws

Only do this guy if u need fodda or just want a colorful bench like me cos why tf not and yh only 1 game w him and meh. I can be hated on for this but this guy deserved a tots by looking at his stats but not as an sbc no one will do man. i dont see a point in doing this guy unless u run a brazillian squad or saudi squad. I did him when he came out thinking he is good and being dumb af ...
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