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By CFCVibezzz, 14-05-2021

What can I say. I sold all my players to do this card. Ended up sticking him at CAM over my TOTY Bruno. No words needed. He is nuts. Scores every goal. Makes every pass. Completes every dribble. It’s disgusting, really. EA cannot harass us players like this by allowing this monstrosity of a card to only cost 120k. After doing him, you won’t need to do any more SCBs. He is enough. Enough to beat literally any team thrown at you. It’s unfair. But get your hands on this card and you’ll leave everyone crying. The games just too easy for him. Ladies and gentlemen, Jesse Ellis Lingard.

  • Everything
  • EA will lose revenue after players uninstall game so we may not get to see that handsome face much longer
Formation: 4222
Position: CAM
Games: 20
GPG: 500.00
APG: 1,500.00
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Lingardinho(Rip 99 Pele owners)

So i oppened my prime or moments icon pack from icon swaps and i got lucky enough to pack his moments card!!! I screamed when I saw Lingardinho walk out! But, more to the point. Lingardinhos shooting is the best I have used in this game (Only Baby R9 comes close), Dribbling is as u would expect from such a great card is GOAT like! Also he has great pace and Varane and Mendy look like clowns when he speedruns past them (The ...
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The Future of England?

This card is so good. He's a mix between CR7 and Messi. He doesn't miss any shots. I played 21 games with him and he scored 42 goals. Insane. His passes are really good too, always my feeding my Akinfenwa perfect balls. Even in a squad full of icons and top tier players (Phil Jones, Maguire, Bony, etc.) he still manages to shine above and beyond, just like he does irl.
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I Played Jesse Lingard at Striker in game alongside Yanick Carrasco and Hugo Sanchez behind him at Cam. Im sure everyone can guess who my best attacker was. Lingard stood out like a sore thumb amongst the other players in my team. He was the best of them all and will continue to be forever. I am truly and very surprised EA actually released a good value SBC. A player better than...
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