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The saviour of fifa 21
By thomassiistmuller, 16-05-2021

I was about to do costa but then i saw this card and i was like might as well just do him tbh. This man is fast af boi. More chance mendy varane catch covid than catch this mf. He is just fast. Shooting is sooo good also. My man just scoring for a living rn. his shots are basically unsavable unless u have a mf called pope who saves everything but i mean he did score against him so yh great shooting. BUt the saucey part of this card is he has 5 star skills with incredible dribbling. my guys dribbling is just soo goood but his composure worries me bro. and his balance his ok tbh he did fall a bit after dribbling like biscuits when they go in my tea. His passing surprised me tbh. his short passes are soo good fam istg his short passes are soo on point. Long passing aint bad either tho tbh his long passing defo aint 70 tho his long passes were mostly on point but yh some were pretty damn rubbish and some where just kdb like so yh but i mean most of my passes with him were crosses and holy s*it fam the crosses were smooth and sick. RW and in his debut match 4 assists. SHEEEEESH. There is no way my guy has 81 crossing tho his crosses were just segsy. HIs strength tho was mad. MY man was strong af. the agression wasnt there but when a man french man called varane started trying to beef him my man wasnt having it uno and damnnn he bodied him. nvm varane tho with WAMAN pace, shooting, dribbling 5 at the back mfs started crying. This man right here wasnt having fullbacks at cbs. NAHH he got vexed fam so he started running, scoring nutmegging and getting a hartick fam. Honestly this guy and muller are like romeo and juliet fam. They both are made for each other you know. To conclude this review lads. he is the best rw in the game and now he has a 3 star weakfoot so he is even more unstoppable. this guy is the saviour of fifa 21 uno. My man gonna stop varane and mendy, 5 at the back with fullbacks at cb and make everyone straight again. SO DO HIM AND SAVE FIFA LADS if u got the money to tho. no pressure fam but this man right here is a 10/10 and i aint actually overhyping him he is actually mad with that 3 star wf.

Links to muller :)

He has the big p yes the big p both of them big ps :0

5 star skills :)

He is a goal machine 3 games and 10 goals u cant argue with that



Formation: 433
Position: RW
Games: 3
GPG: 3.33
APG: 2.33
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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