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90 - TOTS Obj
He takes some getting used to
By imbackandcool, 27-05-2021

Sorry if this review is bad, this is my first ever review and I just made my futbin account.

Context: I played about 17 div rival matches, and 5 squad battle matches. Obviously I have Neres. When I saw this card, it seemed too good to be true because I had been wanting Antony's FS for a while, but I wasn't willing to pay 300k for 82 finishing, mediocre passing, and bad strength on that card. Anyways, I quickly finished him and Caicedo at the same time. When I did, I immediately used Antony for 2 games with a basic chem style in div rivals. He scored a brace and assisted one, but the main issue I found in my first two game with him was that he felt very weak. He got bodied a ton by my opponent's Rousillon and Tagliafico. However, when I managed to get a through ball to Antony, no one could keep up. He is SUPER rapid, easily the fastest player I've used this FIFA. His shooting was interesting because shooting from a tight angle by using a through ball didn't really work that well because of the 3* weak foot. If he has the chance to use his right foot or Rabona it with his left, he's gonna Rabona it. With that in mind, I started cutting inside and tried finesse shots. This worked beautifully, despite not having the trait. He scored almost all of his finesse shots, and hit the woodwork for the ones he missed. Driven shots work too, because with his superb shot power, the keeper could never get to it. As for his passing, he was really good at it, very accurate, and his crossing on his right foot was actually really good. Every cross I put in with him went right to my strikers, and I got 3 or 4 goals from Antony's crosses. His dribbling was also quite good too, and he pretty much glides past opponents. His dribbling kind of like like Neres, except he felt SLIGHTLY clunky while dribbling, because he didn't have the amount of smoothness that Neres does. As for his defending, I didn't get many chanced to defend with him, but when I did, he was very good at pressing. My opponents had to get it back to their CB's or GK whenever Antony started pressing. I think the reason Antony was so good at it was because of his pace, and he could very easily get the ball and launch a counter-attack if my opponents of the AI were too slow. His physicality was pretty bad when I didn't have a marksman on him. With just a basic chem style, you had to pretty much rely on his pace and hope he didn't get bodied. Make sure to use a chem style with at least +10 strength. Lastly, his stamina is weird. When you're not even controlling him, he'll somehow lose a decent amount of stamina (much more than the rest of the team). Sometimes I had to sub him off for Waman or Sancho because of it. All I'm saying is that his stamina feels more like 75 rather than 90.

Overall, he's a very good player, but when you first get him, his stats may feel a bit fake, but if you play with him more and use the right chem style, he's awesome. Totally worth the grind in my opinion, and you should do him if you haven't already. I think you'll regret it if you miss out on him, especially if you have Neres. If you have Neres, PLEASE DO HIM.

  • Electric pace
  • Really good dribbling
  • Extremely good passing/crossing for a winger
  • Very good at pressing
  • Finesse/Driven shots
  • Very agile + great balance
  • Marksman/Architect is a necessity
  • He's a very one footed player, so your best way to score goals are to cut inside and finesse/driven shot with his left foot
  • He can lose stamina pretty quickly sometimes
  • Hard to link if you don't have Neres/Eredivise/Brazilian players
  • His ingame face looks nothing like him
  • Strength, if you're not using the right chem style
Formation: 442
Position: RM
Games: 22
GPG: 1.23
APG: 0.41
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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