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93 - Player Moments SBC
99 Ball Control ;)
By TheBigPoppar, 16-06-2021

Everytime I see Gotze i just think of the 99 ball control meme that time a few years back, and of course the WC winning goal.

So his card actually has 99 ball control this time, and his dribbling is amazing, noticeably high 90's and feels it in game. I've done a few SBC's and used some TOTS players recently where their stats are fake and perform shocking to what the card should be. Gotze lives up to his stats, pace, dribbling, passing, shooting and even his physical are all top tier! Which is so good, since I had to take some players out of my team to fit him in. I've got him as a ST in a 4-3-1-2 with TOTY Lewandowski here ( and i feel that is his best position. I tried him as a CAM and as a RW/LW but ST is where he scores and assists most for me.

One thing you will notice with him is how good he is at getting in front of defenders, his short body, strength and extremely fast acceleration allows him to get onto through balls with ease. 5 star skills and 4 star WF are really good too. I have seen other reviews being sceptical about his shooting and WF but for me they were great, think he is a 'your mileage may vary' kind of card. Being in the Eridivesie was harder to link, but i had some germans and an icon german for links, probably not the easiest to get in. Random but his defending (interceptions and awareness) are very good for a ST and he has got some great tackles in for me

Overall he's a well rounded ST that has all the stats in the right places, it's just about fitting him into your team if you can with all the rocking cards out at the moment

Finesse shot

Attacking positioning/runs

Dribbling in general


5* Skills/4* WF

Heading is bad

Stamina is good but around 80-85 sometimes loses out

Formation: 4312
Position: ST
Games: 13
GPG: 1.92
APG: 0.62
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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lets go this is classsss

5 star skills links to muller thats mean i have to complete him and yes lads i did and this guy dribbling is insane honestly the best dribbling i have tried out in this game it is actually mad rainbow flicks step overs cancels fake shot they were so smooth with this guy i started screaming without the s so fun to use man. he is a mad passer asw the passing was top notch fam and i link...
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Currently up 7 0 in the wl so i´m confident with creating a review for him. As a striker in the Squad which is linked, I´m pretty happy with his performance.7 Games 12 Goals 5 Assists all in Wl kinda speak for themself. Very fast and his shooting is the best I had before. I also have Messi in my team and already played Ronaldo so I kinda have experience.
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Marinho Gotze!!!!!

My full eredivisie squad got a new captain! In a 4231 as a central cam with Van Bergen on his right and Kohlert on his Left he delivered to every Attacker Passes and better Passes i cant believe how clean his passes are because he is only a 81 rated. But he felt better. Yes I know, his pace isnt very good but it's ok. He can move a bit and it isn't terrible. Shooting makes fun, dribbling makes fun and passing. So to get eve...
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