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81 - Rare
Welcome to my Fred Talk
By Jesslopy, 28-10-2020

Fred is a fantastic all around midfielder this year. His face stats simply don't even begin to explain what this guy does in game. I sub in Fred at halftime for some much needed quality in midfield, his stamina and work off the ball wins games and frustrates the opposition. This guy is so good, I constantly think about selling my team to build a new side just so I can start him. His pace is fantastic for a midfielder, his passing is adequate, he forces opposition attacker to play slow possession football, and he has the physicality to push players off the ball. At his current price he's absolutely a staple in any prem side, or an excellent sub as a workhorse in the second half.

  • Pace - Fred is faster than his card lets on. Just enough pace to stick with attackers while he's defending and enough to lead the charge on counters.
  • Shooting - scores the occasional goal
  • Passing - quality passing, doesn't struggle with short or long balls
  • Defending - his strength and 82 interceptions lets him win the ball back and retain possession while doing so
  • Stamina - this guy wants to run around and help you out. high high workrates forces your opposition to make less than perfect passes and take shots early.
  • Height - he's 5'7" which is quite short to be a general in midfield but what he trades in height he makes up for in agility and pace
Formation: 41212-2
Position: CDM
Games: 15
GPG: 0.27
APG: 0.60
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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I decided to complete Fred as I was looking for a new box-to-box CDM for my 4231. After playing 10 games with him, I must admit he is pretty badass. Defensively, he is only comparable to What If Kante but with 4* 4* and only costing 1/7 of the price. The real game-changer is his ability to push forward due to his works rate. This combined with his dribbling and his passing stats (both also better than WIF ...
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Where do I start? This man is absolutely unbelievable. I have RuleBreaker Pogba but this man is honestly levels ahead. Playing in the box to box role he pushes up to be involved in every single attack, positioning himself well to assist or even to finish it himself. There is no doubt about it this man pours his heart and soul into Jack82 FC. He plays for the badge 100% of the time with h...
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