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James Tavernier - 93 - Futties
Worth it!
By PokyBurrito, 17-07-2021

Hey, I'm just a very casual player but Tav is one of my favorite players of this FIFA, I remember when Headliner SBC Tav appears and I was out of money and I sold all my team just to complete the SBC, but well, let's start.

Firstly my plan was to use him as CDM (CM) offensive in a 442(2), but his positioning isn't very good, that's the reason why I put him as RB and is very very solid. I'm completely sure that if you use him as CM in 4312 is going to be great, but at CM in 442 isn't very good, I really prefer Gosens obj.

In conclusion, you have to do it, is a lil boring the SB games but the 4* skills moves really makes him the best RB of the game, just like his Headliner when he appears.

*I'm going to put 1 to the shoot because I'm not shoot anything with him and I didn't remember how many goals and assists I made with him jajaja, I'm just going to sleep rn and my xbox isn't near to me*

  • 4* skills
  • Pace
  • Distribution
  • Positioning (as RB and CM 4312)
  • Is free!
  • Physicality
  • Body type
  • Positioning (CM 442, CDM, CB)
  • 3* wf (isn't a BIG con)
  • Def. Awareness
Formation: 442-2
Position: RB
Games: 0
GPG: nan
APG: nan
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (1/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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Where to start? I completed his SBC as a replacement for Ferland Mendy, big boots right? Not for this man! Playing him at LB on 7 chem linking to IF Ryan Kent and he is a BEAST! He bully's players and does not stop until he comes away with the ball. You can't out-pace him, you can't out-strength him and with any defence boosting chem style, you can't get passed him. His passing is great and starts counter attacks lik...
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absolute monster

I was looking for a good RB since LB Ferland Mendy irreplaceable. And this guy is the counterpart of my defense.Tavernier is a Top Tier RB, like Valencia in FIFA 18 or Kenny Lala in 19.I link him with Gomez and Jadon sancho in a 451 and all what i can say, this card is a must have if you want to achieve a mount everest of a defense.Walker and Bellerin had a weird style of playing, looked to w...
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Only played a few games with this tank, but boy is he insane. He can play almost anywhere on the pitch, ignoring his 3* 3*. He is always there to sweep up and I link him to inform Kent in a 451 on the left side. In attack this guy bosses it too, banging goals in link a machine, and he is 99.99% going to get upgraded at the beginning of next month and then he will be even better ...
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