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99 - FOF PTG
Really Good Card
By BigDog2911, 06-08-2021

So I got lucky with one of my player picks and managed to get Firmino. I'd like to start off by saying he is an amazing card, he performs so well in all aspects, shooting, dribbling, passing, physically and sometimes defensively. What I also noticed about his card, he has a unique body type, usually they tend to not be so good, on firmino is doesn't really feel the BEST but it does the job. His bodytype can slightly make his dribbling feel heavier and a bit with his pace, but its no big deal. His shooting is great as well, but on the odd occasion he'd miss some sitters, for this I Mean a 1v1 with the keeper, he might just completely miss the goal. On the other most occasion, he will score, so its like a 9/10 chance of him scoring. Another aspect I really enjoyed from firmino was his headers, especially from corners. He would jump higher than any other player challenging him and instantly score from the header. Overall firmino is a great card, and if you enjoy using skills he'll be great and I just highly recommend him as he'll be a great ST, CAM and possibly a CM. Make sure to put a hawk on him, just to max out his pace, shooting and physical.

  • shooting (specifically: power shots, finesses go in 8/10 times)
  • passing (close passes, through balls and sometimes long balls)
  • dribbling (specifically: close ball control, balance, dribbling and his composure)
  • physical (specifically: strength, jumping and aggression as well as stamina) basically everything in the physical stat.
  • 5 star skills
  • height (he's no too tall neither not too short.)
  • flair trait (great for some good looking goals and passes)
  • headers and jumping
  • defending (its good for an attacker but overall its not good defending. He's not a defender)
  • penalties (some occasions his accuracy of pens may not be where you are aiming.) (just being picky as well)
  • free kicks (again being picky but he's not too strong with free kicks)
  • finesse trait
  • Body type (you will feel it sometimes but its not too much Hof an issue)
  • price (unless you've packed him)
Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 27
GPG: 1.41
APG: 0.74
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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The best feeling I have ever had with a player on FUT was 2013 TOTY Marco Reus. For 7 years, cards have tried and failed to live up to the sheer joy playing with that Reus provided. Until now..I was lucky enough to pack tradable Firmino from one of the hybrid nations SBC. After seeing his price on the market, I was very tempted to just cash in as I have no real love for the player in real life. But i decid...
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A well priced versatile quality card

I agree with first review on here, the card is exceptional, he works well at cm, cam and cdm but swap between chem styles for what suits you, I enjoyed engine and Hunter at both cm and cam and powerhouse and shadow in cdm, probably anchor to. Stay back cdm does waste his attacking benefits but it’s just so versatile that he’s class at 4/5 positions there’s always a way to move him about. Links are great and can’t sa...
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