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Xavier Hernández - 88 - Icon
Xavi: the tiki-taka maestro
By JAMIEVARDYSMO9, 30-10-2020

In my first pack opening in Fifa 21, I just opened this card. I am a Real Madrid fan, so my reaction was something like when Sergio Aguero opened a pack and saw Klopp. Later on, I was so pleased to have this legend in my team... he was and he will always be a football maestro.

I looked his stats and i quickly understood that he could not be a CDM (because of the lack of physical and defence). So I had to decide to put him a catalyst (CM) or hunter (CAM). Finally, i decided to play him as a CM because his shooting did not convince me, even with hunter.

So this review is for a Xavi CM with catalyst.

  • PACE: 90 with catalyst, he feels really fast in game and in this stage of the game is perfect. We thought before the game launch that his pace may be a problem, but that is not true.

  • PASSING: maybe, and i am not exaggerating, this is the card with the best passing that i have ever played with. Everything is perfect: his vision, long passing, short passing, ball efect... i just have no words to describe this. You just have to play with him to understand what i am saying.

  • SHOOTING: with hunter will be better (if you put him as a CAM), but in my opinion this is just not enough for that position. That is the main reason i put him in CM and with catalyst, i prefered to improve other stats rather than his shooting. But, however, i have to say that he impressed me. His high attacking rates makes him a very offensive player, he often goes inside the rival area and, as his positioning is PERFECT (92), he should often score some goals for you, as his shot power is really good. Also, he had scored for me absolutelly bangers outside the area with finesse shoots. His weak foot does not feel as 3* (in my opinion that is not a fair stat Ea Sports, he deserved 4*), he feels 4* so this is another good point for this card.

  • DRIBBLING: his 4* skill stars makes him a very agile player. His balance+composture are 90+, so you can imagine how he feels in game. His skills are just so classy and elegant, he looks like he is playing another sport.

  • DEFENDING AND PHYSICALITY: he is strong enough to not have a lot trouble in the middle of the pitch. His high defending rates are perfect for those who like defending with all the team. He can fight body with body with many rivals, but in most cases he will lose this physical battles. I also had to mention his stamina, not a bad stat but his high/high rates may get him tired in the last minutes of the match.

ADVICE: in custom tactics, let him move all over the pitch. This man has to be your captain, he has to be whatever he wants in order to understand and control the match. For me, this is the perfect CM. A bit expensive for not being a META card, but WTF enjoy him, we are just tired of the meta cards. If you liked him in your childhood, go for him.

  1. He is a passing maestro.
  2. Classy dribbling, he is a very agile player.
  3. 4* skills.
  4. 3* weak foot feels much better in game.
  5. His shooting is better in game.
  6. He is really fast, not feel clunky or slow as we expected.
  1. Not enough defence or physicality for being a CDM.
  2. High/high rates will end up his stamina.
  3. His shooting could be much better, in order for being a CAM.
  4. The price is a bit expensive so you can sell your brother or your mum to buy fifa points (as an idea).
Formation: 41212-2
Position: CM
Games: 100
GPG: 0.25
APG: 0.80
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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