Iago Aspas - 86 - Objectives
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By Wolven, 01-01-2021

After packing certain players like Rulebreaker Donnarumma and RTTF Portu, i decided that a change of teams was required. Being at 93K XP anyways, it didnt take me much time to reach Aspas. I know he has a TOTW, but for some easy grinding you could really save around 60K which is money that can be used elsewhere or saved up for TOTY.


I know it isnt great, but once he's off the mark with the ball, heading towards the goal he's unstoppable. His 89 SPRINT SPEED really turns on the Turbothrsuters as he accelerates away. My recommendation is to use Hunter and time your passes slightly better, just as he runs past the last defender.


HEAVILY slept on. He has 86 POSITIONING AND 91 FINISHING which isnt talked about enough. For me he finished a lot mroe chances than Elite strikers like Mbappe for the sole reason he took up good spaces in the box and took clean shots with the 87 COMPOSURE being highlighted. However, Pace is pace, but if you run a La Liga squad or need someone reliable to slap away a goalless draw, sub him on in the 70' minute and watch him terrorize the tired defence.


Not the best, but its suitable for someone who is using him as a ST (me) or a second CF (also me). DO NOT USE HIM ON THE WING, use him dead in front of goal


Another question mark so as th why he's hated upon. 92 AGILITY is enough to make Varane go to buy butter and gomez to get some burn solution for the helpless defence. His short frame and 88 BALL CONTROL make this card a joy to use in the box


Yes, the TRUE DISAPPOINTMENT is the 72 STAMINA. Truly. But for me, if oyu're using him as a ST with stay forward, it ought to help you out for the 90 minutes, and then if you go into ET or pens, sub him off


Good links

Great shooting

high sprint speed


Slow acceleration

Formation: 433
Position: ST
Games: 17
GPG: 1.29
APG: 0.24
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (7/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)