FIFA 22 Comment

2021-10-15 18:10

used in two games already, his dreadful balance renders his supposed 5 star weak foot useless, passing dreadful, skills nice, shot on strong foot nice, fast with hunter, long stride, sociedad wont win 3 of next 4 and probably wont make it out of group., theyve not won in europe in like forever, avoid this card, sub material if hes 50k, i payed 130, listing again

2021-10-15 20:10

fut founder and trader , ive tried every decent strike card under 1 mill this year, hes not the one trust me. for once i agree with runthefutmkt - griezman o.p. this year for comp., morientes was banging too, most fun ive had was moving baby socrates into st for a few games though. correa was nuts during the early access period