2021-10-26 02:10
I’m calling it now, Milan are finishing second in their group. They played wonderful against atleti and deserved to win that much but got robbed by the refs. Then against porto they didn’t have many of their best players including kessie cuz of a stupid red card from the atleti game and yet, they put up a decent fight away. Rafael Leao is incredible and is so much better rn than griezmann or Felix and that’s not even counting ibra who can turn any game around. Atleti have always been known to disappoint and I won’t be surprised if they lose to Milan and draw to Porto 0-0 as they somehow, find it difficult to score goals in general despite all their good players they have. But yea you’ve heard it from here, if Milan got the 3 points from the atleti game, they would be even more likely to go through so the fact that they didn’t cuz of some bad ref calls just shows how it’s still possible for them to make it. They’re finally back in the UCL and I honestly doubt they’re leaving sooner than atleti who struggles so much in this competition. Remember the 2017/18 season? Atleti’s gonna once again, finish third just like they did in that season. They won’t get any more points apart from maybe 1 point against Porto and Milan will beat them and Porto. Ask urself, do u really think zlatan will let his team get knocked out of the UCL when they just made it after such a long time?
2021-10-26 03:10
yeah I’m not reading all of that but I’m happy for you or sorry that happened