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87 - Player Moments SBC
Drax "i'm invisible" ?!
By Kanaille35, 21-11-2021

SO Darxler, what does he cost ? 280-300k Honestely, I don't like to pay that much for a player if he doesn't play for my beloved SRFC. But IRL i like the player so why not give him a go

He's very versatile and that why I stick him at ST, in place of DAVID/DELORT/TREZEGUET that i tried before. I couldn't imagine that he will be this good in this place. He got everything appart of 5 star skill move (for the sweaty players ball roll scoopturn and other exploit...).

Well 5star WF, really good touch on the ball, His got that finesse / flowlish style and the sphere stick closely to his feet. A good strike inside AND outside the box.

Pace (with engine) : good enough (if you have a brain tho and aren't running like a headless chicken) acceleration his key I would say.

Shooting : Great shooting, paired with the 5star WF it's a killer in front of goal. Even have a good finesse shot outside the box. finishing is cinical ASF.

Passing : Well, that why i'm playing him upfront. I need a striker with a good shooting, that can organize the attacks, turn easely, etc... Draxler Have a CAM profile more than a ST, so his passing his great, I have Mid Beckham in my team and i would say that draxler is nearly on par with him in term of passing.

Dribbling : VERY VERY good, ball control, Close touch dribbling, paired with his acceleration it's a pleasure. Doesn"t feel clunky at all (he's 6.2 ft).

Defending : Well at striker it's difficult to show this stats, but he can put a good standing tackle when needed.

Physical : Stamina isn't a con, a bit weak when caught by CB, so you have to anticipate a bit, Have a good Ball protection tho.

To conclude : for the PSG links and all mentions before, this card is a great card that will last more than two month or three i supposed.

300k is not cheap by any mean tho, do the sbc only if you have a shit load of coins or you have many PSG players or if he's your favorite player ever.

Dribbling overall, very responsive

Shooting and 5star WF



Short and long passing

Stamina could be a bit better if you like eavy pressing

Formation: 451-2
Position: ST
Games: 13
GPG: 1.23
APG: 0.38
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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