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Kante but taller
By BlueRGL, 29-11-2021

As i said in the title,he is a Kante but taller . . . Kinda . . . He can get on your nerves once in a while when he doesnt intercept the ball as you want to or Doesnt make the pass(his passing stats are low)

But most of the times re-earns himself with a goal or a incredible interception.Fast,strong,agile,good at defending.In my eyes he is a great CDM and can even be a CB in a 3-5-2 situation

Fast and agile so he can get to the ball easy and can recover just as easily

strong,he can body mbappe,cr7 and such

Cant pass for long distances or doesnt intercept the ball perfectly.

cant shoot that good as well

Formation: 4312
Position: CDM
Games: 22
GPG: 0.27
APG: 0.59
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (4/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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