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By YoutubeSkyro, 02-12-2021

Welcome Challenger... You want to try a card that is the definition of 'non-meta'. In today's challenge, I present to you... BASE ALAN SHEARER 87.

Let me start of by saying that this card is not for the faint hearted. Alan has Med / Med Work rates, 76 pace and 76 dribbling. In a game that is geared towards more agile, faster players, you will be presented with one hell of a reality check. My one piece of advice? 2 touch max. anymore than 3 touches and your opponent will be pressuring you with ease. Couple that with his appalling dribbling and 2 star skill moves... well, you can see where this is going.

Shooting - 90 finishing, 88 shot power and 87 volleys. Ooooh this makes makes for some mighty fine goals. I even scored a semi-overhead kick in my youtube review!

Positioning - 91 positioning makes me very happy. My playstyle consists of fast breaks and heavy possession. (I know, you probably hate playing me) But when I play possession heavy, Alan does a great job of finding space. He is more often than not, able to find great space to move into, allowing you to driven pass into him and hopefully get a goal scoring opportunity.

Composure - 89 composure. 2 Defenders behind Shearer, no issue. He'll still blast a cracking shot that will test any keeper.

Power Header - Power Header + Well taken corners = broken.

Strength - If you hold LT or L2, you can hold most defenders off for a fair amount of time. If you enjoyed using Haaland or Lukaku, you'll enjoy this type of hold up play with Shearer.

Short Passing - Short passing with Alan's Strong foot is surprisingly effortless. However, don't trust his weak foot.

Pace - This probably goes without saying, he has 76 pace, he isn't rapid.

Agility and Balance - Grrr... turning with Shearer feels like a death sentence. If a defender stands you up, 1 on 1, for the love of God... pass it. Don't agile or Left stick dribble with him. I learnt this the hard way. And yes, I did use a hunter because there was no saving those stats :') (69+69 lol)

2 Star Skills - I enjoy skill moves. I'm not blind to the truth that this year, they aren't as effective as they once were. However, simple skills like body feints feel like death sentences.

3 Star Weak Foot - 3 star weak foot normally isn't too much of an issue. Yes it's not perfect but it's not the end of the world. But Shearer's left foot is cursed. Wanna short pass with his left? Lol, you possession % trembles in fear.

Med / Med Work Rates - Alan will find space, just not in behind the defenders. No runs whatsoever. If you play a get in behind style of game, Alan isn't for you.

Long Passing - he has 61 long passing. I know I shouldn't be attempting long passes with most strikers but i honestly felt like long passing with Shearer was set to manual. Many throw ins were conceded...

If you want to see him in action, feel free to check out my review on YouTube! Thank you for reading and may the pack Gods be forever in your favour ;)

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 3
GPG: 1.00
APG: 0.67
Pace (3/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (3/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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