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89 - TOTGS
Marquinhos TOTGS - Review
By Whatscooking, 09-12-2021

First of all I'm a DIV1, Fut Champs rank 2 player and I was lucky enough to pack this guy untradeable. Some now may think it's unfortunate to pack a card which is worth 500k as an untrade, but I wanted to buy him anyway. Before packing the TOTGS card I played his first inform in my squad. The inform already was great, but this card is on another level. I'm playing him alongside with Kimpembe on the shadow chemistry style in the last weekend league and DIV1 rivals games.

Pace 10/10

For a defender his pace is absolutely insane. And yes you can feel it when you are giving him the shadow chemistry style. Just amazing.

Shooting 8/10

Normally I do not rate the shooting of a CB but I do have to for this guy. There was one situation in which he captured the ball in the midfield and suddenly I just started to run with him up to the goal of my opponent. He was on high pressing, therefore only 2 defenders were left. I got through on goal, near the box and had to shoot. Otherwise I would have lost the ball. But surprisingly he hitted the ball in the back of the net like it was my Ginola or Di Natale. I was really surprised by this. So it seems that he actually is able to shoot. Furthermore he scored me a header after a corner as well.

Passing 9/10

His passing, whether long or short range is just exceptional for a CB. Nothing to complain about.

Dribling 8/10

He's pretty agile. Of course not like Messi, but more than enough for a CB. He does quick turns and therefore can catch the ball from very agile pretty easy.

Defending 10/10

Just another amazing stat on this card. He's always in the right spot to defend and his tackling is just great. Due to his balance and agility it's pretty hard to get past him.

Physical 10/10

He may does not look like it that much when you are looking at his strengh or aggression, but this guy is an absolute tank. He is an absolute rock in defence!

All in all 10/10

If you have the coins, geht him. He is worth it, trust me!



agility & balance





price is high but worth it

Formation: 4222
Position: CB
Games: 29
GPG: 0.07
APG: 0.03
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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