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87 - Winter Wildcards SBC
Best Supersub!
By BasJT, 30-12-2021

WinterWildcard Patson Daka is maybe the best supersub I've ever had. For a little context: I was always going to take both Daka, Günter and the 125k when all tokens are available. For me the 10x 85+ wasn't worth it. I had so many saved packs for this promo and I completed al WW-SBC's released, so I had to unlock those to. Another reason why I took Daka were his brilliant facecard stats. When I saw his WF got an upgrade to 4* it was a no brainer for me sinces I not a skiller at all, I hate people who do them and chain them because it' had nothing to do with football in my opinion (I know it's a game, but still). To explain the title : I've used him a few games as my starting ST and he went a little disappearing (it could be due to the team I used him, it was full of players I barely use), but every time I sub him on at HT he finds the back of the net a least once and often turns around the game on it head, he is the best impact sub I have ever had. I used him 18 times, scored 14 and assist one and almost all of them were as a sub. Now on to the review:

Workrates/height: Don't let the M/M workrates put dust in your eyes because for me it feels as a lie. Maybe it's because I use the 1-2's quite a lot or play with the 'making runs in behind'-intstructions, but I have no issues with all. I have used ST's with M/M workrates where it did hinder them in their playing abilities but with Daka it's no issue. His height being 183cm/6'0" is almost perfect for me because it makes them more allround in my opinion. I struggle with most ST under 175cm/5'9" because they are not able to head the ball when needed or are not strong enough to push of defenders most of the time and ST above say 190cm/6'3" are often to slow and do have a low agility or balance for my liking.

Pace (97): Do I have to say more? With it's 96 acceleration and 98 sprintspeed it's almost maxed out already. The boy is lightning quick and as soon he's running in behind there is no CB going to catch him unless it's somebody using a Hakimi or Davies at CB (or when they stay behind when you counter attack from a corner for example).

Shooting (90): His shooting is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I cannot think of a ST with better finishing (94) than this man, now I have to admit I've only used the loan version of Mbappé in Friendlies but for me Daka is more clinical. His 93 postioning is combined with the aforementioned pace is incredible. He's always looking for that run in behind and with some midfielders with a solid long pass, he is going to be a real threat.

Dribbling (89): His dribbling is absolutely fine. As I said before I can imagine, when you're a skiller, his 3* could be a minor downfall, but for me it's fine. With his 96 agility, 90 balance and 90 reactions he's quick to react on certian passes or when you have to glide past a defender. His 85 composure is great too, he's doens't bottle chance because of a lack of it.

Heading (94): Of course defending is not important for a ST. The one stat that falls under defending that could be imporant is heading accuracy. I have not many scoring oppertunities with Daka to score a header, so it is hard to say if it is any good. What I can tell is that his heading from a goal kick is great. When I have a goal kick I boot it up the pitch for the ST to head it back to the midfielders or my wingers. I often notice with players with low heading accuracy the headed ball misses some power and is sometimes headed into the feet of an opponent. So on that occasion I've no complaints on the Zambian wonderkid.

Physical (81): For a player that is as quick as is Daka it's great. There are not much players in this game I can think of who are as quick as him with similar or better physical stats. His jumping (95) is great for crosses and heading goal kicks back to the midfield. With a stamina of 92 he can last all game long, even with extra time. His 78 strength and 73 aggression good. He is able to push defenders off of him and by the time they try to bully him of his gone with the wind. When he is in a tight battle with a defender like Kimpembe or Upamecano he will lose the ball.

Passing (70): His passing is nothing special at all. This is maybe his biggest downfall (if you are like me and doesn't spam skills all the time). His 81 short pass is fine for doing 1-2's and such but don't try him as a winger or CAM because his passing is simply not good enough to play there. I cross the ball quite a lot and sometimes he was the man to cross because he was driven outside by a defender but he kicks it across the backline.

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 18
GPG: 0.78
APG: 0.06
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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