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89 - Hero
Veteran goes mad for Hero
By FootballGuru, 02-10-2021

About the reviewer: FIFA player since 1993, not a year missed. FUT Founder. No points this year except the 4600 - i trade a bit. Plays on Xbox new gen.

This card looked too good to be true-it was however very true.


I picked him up about an hour after hero launch for 363k, Mendy, Oblak, Million-toes, Lllorente and De Jong had to make way but the coin pile is already under construction for returning them to the nest.

Thus the somewhat weak team you will see him in via the URL.

Opted for a Hawk which led to:

PACE:more than enough for new gen meta

Acc:87 Sprint:90 - Feels responsive, quick off the mark, quick over the ground, nice stride and keeps running till 90th (See stamina) 9/10

SHOOTING:Top notch.

Positioning: 97 Finish: 97 S Power:99 Long S: 96 Volleys:88 Pens:93 - Power felt like Roy of the Rovers stuff - expected the net to break once or twice. His positioning was A1 and missed only one clear chance in the handful of games i have used him (mixed rivals and world class single) The one miss came off a volley from 12 yards or so. The ease he glides off cb's with on corners is astonishing. Longest shot i tried was around 32 yards and it flew in versus 85 keeper on World Class. 10/10

PASSING: Adequate.

81 on the short passes is around what you'll need, felt good enough, had no occasion to try long passes yet barring one cross which did not reach its back post target. This guy needs to be central and the focal point of your attack- he leads my 4 man diamond of 3 cams and a striker (Mid Nakata, Fekir and Modric behind him) If your doing a "Harry Kane thinks he's a cam" stuff then this is not your card.


Well rounded and the stats felt better than their face values. Everything green here with the standouts being Reactions:87 Composure: 87. The lowest is balance:74 but felt more like 85 - no issues were had 8/10

DEFENDING: Woefully red, but not his job right.

Will give him a four on the strength of the fact that thanks to 96 heading acc in combination with 99 jumping he will clear the odd corner safely for you. 4/10

PHYSICAL: This man has had his porridge and spinach.

Jumping: 99 Superman stuff, Stamina: 85 - has not tired at all in any game yet, Strength: 95 will brush off most Cb's - wrecked Million-toes with anchor in two online rivals games Agression:84 - wont shy out of stuff - more than adequate rating. 9/10

THE OTHER BITS: All good here

6 foot 1 - ideal ST territory. 4 star 4 star - felt great on weak - finished clinically on all attempts, flair pass came off, flair finish came off and some nice jinks. High medium feels absolutely fine and will use his physicality to pressure lost balls in opponents half thanks to the medium defence. Stamina will keep him doing it for 90 mins.

The trait power header is incredible on this guy- an utter dominator in the air and your corner goal tally will go through the roof, he gets his head on pretty much every ball you aim for it.

Only other trait is A.I chip shot.

5 goals in 3 games on rivals so far

Better than icons in the 600k plus price range by some way, possibly the best early season special card ST i have ever used.

Head of the class in shooting, heading and positioning, Out and out ruthless number 9 -Headers insane , shot power insane.

Would happily pay the double of his market price.

Rock solid option till TOTY at least or Mbappe pack.

Green links to all La Liga cards.

RTG material for those with that penchant.

Buy it, use it, Love FIFA 22

None really, unless your playing some kind of weird tiki-taka total football and need your ST to do things he should not be doing. Possibly price at this stage of game for the average player could be a struggle but he is worth every penny.

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 3
GPG: 1.67
APG: 0.00
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (6/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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